One of the key ways you, as a vCloud Service Provider, can ensure the success of your IaaS offering is by giving your sales team the right enablement tools and resources they need to identify the best prospects in their sales pipelines and accurately prioritize those opportunities.

That’s where the new VMware vCloud IaaS Sales Guide comes in.  The vCloud IaaS Sales Guide is structured to guide you through the key facts about the VMware vCloud IaaS proposition that drive sales success, as well as help you pinpoint the right prospects and plan your sale.

Need help navigating the new vCloud IaaS Sales Guide? Well you’re in luck, because VMware has recently released an interactive training for the vCloud IaaS Sales Guide, which will teach you how to use the Target Markets and Deal Planner forms step-by-step.

The Target Markets form will help you assess potential prospects and determine if they’re a qualified lead with whom to follow-up.

From there, the Deal Planner form will help you assess certain key factors such as the customer’s decision-making process, timescale, proposed solution and budget.

Be sure to check out the training video and get your sales team started today with the vCloud IaaS Sales Guide.

Also, be sure to join tomorrow’s VSPP vmLIVE webinar, “VSPP Solution Focus: Power-up Your Pipeline With the New vCloud IaaS Sales Guide!” at 8am PT/11am ET. This webinar will show attendees how to best utilize the vCloud IaaS Sales Guide to accelerate pipeline growth, train their sales teams and close opportunities faster. Click here to register now.

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