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New Study Shows Growth of Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) Adoption

While security is still cited as a concern when it comes to public cloud adoption, a recent study of 243 IT and business professionals, conducted by analyst firm Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG), suggests that many companies are beginning to feel more comfortable with the public cloud, as they move beyond the test and development phase of their public cloud deployments.

In fact, 67% of mid-market and enterprise companies surveyed are now running what they view as mission-critical workloads on IaaS. 

As we’ve highlighted in our Another VMware Cloud series, companies can reap huge business benefits when implementing a VMware-based private, public or hybrid cloud solution, such as cost savings, disaster recovery, improved operational efficiency, and more. This survey by ESG further cements companies’ growing trust in the cloud, as they move more of their mission-critical workloads to cloud environments.

Some other key findings of the study include:

  • IaaS is in production: More than 80% of IaaS customers surveyed are currently running productions workloads on IaaS.
  • Storage, on-demand compute and disaster recovery services top the list: 70% of current IaaS customers use cloud storage services, followed by 58% using cloud servers and 53% leveraging disaster recovery services.
  • Customers want support and TCO: Service and support topped a list of criteria for selecting cloud service providers, with up to 70% of respondents citing customer support as important.
  • Importance of compatibility: 78% of respondents reported that it was also important that their cloud service providers’ infrastructure technologies were compatible with their internal private cloud/virtualized datacenter.
  • Underlying technology matters: 83% of respondents indicated that the underlying technology used to deliver IaaS was of some level of importance to them, with nearly half citing it as a very important or critical factor when considering IaaS.

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