Feargal O’Sullivan, Global Head of Alliances at NYSE Euronext, shares of the company’s Capital Markets Community Platform (based on VMware cloud technology), “We knew that we were going out well ahead of everybody else and we were very keen to do so, because we see and understand the cloud vision that VMware and EMC in particular have been promoting over the past few years. We agree with it fully. We feel like we’re uniquely positioned within the capital markets industry as the neutral party.” 

NYSE Euronext first announced their Capital Markets Community Platform at VMworld 2011. The Capital Markets Community Platform is a set of cloud services that targets the needs of Wall Street IT Leaders in bettering supporting their companies and their customers. Since then, NYSE Euronext has further expanded to a second datacenter outside of London, where European clients can now access, as a service, both infrastructure and platform capabilities designed for the capital markets industry.

Because NYSE Euronext considers themselves a vertical industry community and focuses specifically on capital markets participants, the company first decided to build their own VMware-based cloud in order to make accessing the markets cheaper, more cost-effective, and more readily accessible to a wider range of participants.

According to a recent interview with Dana Gardner, the core of the company’s cloud platform and services is, “Come into our vCloud Director environment and access your compute infrastructure.” Here are just a few of the value-added features that NYSE Euronext is able to provide clients through their VMware-based cloud:

  • Market data;
  • Historical market-data access service;
  • Order-routing capabilities;

..and more.

So what does NYSE Euronext see in the future of the financial services industry? According to O’Sullivan, “We see them moving more and more into the cloud. We expect over the next two or three years, that this is really going to explode. We intend to be there, established, fully in production, tried and tested, and leading the industry from the front, as we think we should be with a name like the New York Stock Exchange.”

Furthermore, O’Sullivan shares, “You can use our infrastructure, our cloud, and some of the integration capability that we’ve developed, both ourselves and through our relationships with vendors like VMware and EMC, to add on these capabilities that the firms are going to need and make a one-stop shop, a community, a place where you can go to get all the applications needed, similar to the app store model. “ 

In sum, thanks to innovative VMware technology, NYSE Euronext helping to revolutionize the way the financial services industry operates.

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