According to Florent Saint-Clair, DR Systems Vice President and General Manager of eMix, eMix’s hospital provider customers are able to achieve anywhere from $14-18k in reduced costs per ER visit, thanks to the company’s VMware-based cloud solution.

eMix (Electronic Medical Information Exchange) is a business unit of DR Systems, whose primary mission is to provide medical images and information where they are needed and at the right time. eMix’s platform allows hospital provider customers to share medical information between facilities that are typically unrelated to one another.

Common solutions used today around the exchange of sensitive medical records involve VPNs between medical institutions or burning the images onto a CD or DVD and taping the disc to the patient. However, as VPNs require extensive IT setup and maintenance and because CDs can be lost or incompatible with PC systems at the receiving hospital, eMix sought to provide a secure solution that facilitated the movement of sensitive patient information, while also reducing costs and complying with strict HIPAA medical records regulations.

eMix first decided to partner with VMware for its enterprise virtualization, so when creating the company’s cloud strategy, it was a natural decision to partner with a VMware cloud partner. eMix chose to work with iland Internet Solutions, a provider of vCloud Powered services, because of iland’s:

  • Scalability;
  • Commitment to HIPAA requirements at the architectural level;
  • And correspondence with eMix’s eight-layer security policy.

According to Saint-Clair in a recent eWeek article, “using iland enables eMix to accomplish its mission by providing a scalable platform in a logically separated, hosted private cloud that can service medical facilities across the country from a geographically advantageous site.”

Through eMix’s platform, customers can now receive trauma type images to their hospital’s information systems way ahead of the patient’s arrival to the ER.  This allows hospitals to increase their patient safety record by being prepared for incoming patients far in advance of their arrival. “We are really happy that a cloud solution is allowing our customers not only to do a better job of treating their patients in real-time, but actually save operating dollars in the process,” shares Saint-Clair.

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