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VMworld 2012 Wrap-Up

By: David Davis

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Wednesday and Thursday of VMworld 2012 brought us great content sessions, hands on labs, and the VMworld party. vCloud reporters live-tweeted numerous vCloud sessions. With so many great sessions, it’s impossible to see them all so I am very much looking forward to the video and audio recordings of VMworld sessions being made available. I intend to watch them all!

The Last Days of VMworld In Pictures

The best way to sum up the last few days of VMworld is to do it in pictures. To do that, I’ve compiled a group of photos with a story. Enjoy! 

On the last day, I entered the VMworld labs after they had officially closed. The “big board” lab status showed us that 10,416 people had used the labs, 11,383 labs were run and 125,213 VMs were spawned over the 5 day show. WOW ! These are incredible record-breaking numbers! Likely they will be a bit higher as there were still a handful of people doing labs.

My company (TrainSignal) recorded over 25 videos interview with virtualization influencers and experts that we’ll post on YouTube soon. One of the best recorded (and funniest) was the meeting of Scott Lowe and Scott Lowe (stay tuned for that). Both Lowes are vExperts, authors, and bloggers and virtualization fans around the world are constantly confusing the two. Scott D Lowe (@OtherScottLowe on Twitter) is known as a virtualization blogger for sites like TechRepublic, numerous books, video courses, and for his experience serving as a CIO. Scott Lowe (@Scott_Lowe on Twitter) is known for his work at EMC, being a VCDX, his Mastering vSphere book, his blog, and his new video on vSphere Design. Thankfully, there were no earthquakes nor was a black hole created when they met.

Just before the VMworld party, vCloud blog editors Kristine and Haley organized the second annual VMworld #cloudtalk tweetup. These ladies were live tweeting from numerous vCloud sessions, blogging, posting on the vCloud facebook page, and conducting video interview. I’ve never seen them take any credit for their work so I wanted to take a moment to say – THANKS!

The #cloudtalk tweetup was well attended, had great food, and there was great discussion about how VMware vCloud is being used both by vCloud providers in the public IaaS cloud space as well as by enterprises, creating solid IaaS private clouds. Additionally, all the great new features of the vCloud Suite announced at VMworld 2012 provided a lot of excitement.

At the VMworld party, the evening started off by meeting the man, the myth, the vLegend, Mr John Troyer of VMware Social Media and the weekly VMware Community Podcast (aka @JTroyer on Twitter). He was dressed in the infamous mirror-ball jacket and was wearing the vNerd shirt that I gave him. Accompanied by his beautiful wife Kathleen, when not posing for a photo, John was talking about how he is working to master the power to single-handedly unify and coordinate the many channels of VMware social media (I am picturing something from “The Matrix”).

From there, the VMware house-band, Elastic Sky, took the stage. John Arrasjid, VCDX #001 was on guitar and really rocked when he played the ukulele. The female lead-singer, Maya, was amazingly talented and Vittorio Viarengo (from the VMware keynote address) was also singing and making joking about Hyper-V. He was hilarious. I was very impressed!

From there, I moved on to see Jon Bon Jovi. He really rocked both old Bon Jovi songs and cover songs. This was undoubtedly the best VMworld band, ever!

Now, for a super-cool video from the guys at VMworld TV – Eric and Jeremy – check out their VMworld wrap up video. They actually turned into tiny monster-VMs to sneak in backstage with Bon Jovi ! They discussed and showed video of the keynote with the Google Car and the robots playing soccer. They visited the VMworld labs and talked to my friend Randy Keener (@VMRandy). Eric and Jeremy did a great job on all these VMworld TV videos, making them both funny and educational.

See you at the next VMworld!

David Davis is a VMware Evangelist and vSphere Video Training Author for Train Signal. He has achieved CCIE, VCP,CISSP, and vExpert level status over his 15+ years in the IT industry. David has authored hundreds of articles on the Internet and nine different video training courses for including the popular vSphere 5 and vCloud Director video training courses. Learn more about David at his blog or on Twitter and check out a sample of his VMware vSphere video training course from


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