In Part 1 of this series, we walked through accessing the vCloud Connector user interface via the vSphere client. In Part 2, we’ll break down how to access the interface over the Internet using a standard Web browser. 

If vCloud Connector is registered with, the vCloud Connector user interface can be accessed over the Internet using a standard Web browser. First, go to and log in using the store account used to set up the vCloud Connector user interface during registration. 

To add a cloud, it should be made available to the system to allow workloads to be copied into it.  Simply select the name of the cloud registered with the vCloud Connector Server in the vCloud Connector window.  Enter the administrative username and password, and the cloud should be added to the cloud list, enabling workloads to be moved into the cloud when needed.


To move an existing workload from private, enterprise infrastructure into a public or hybrid cloud, select a workload such as a virtual machine, vApp, or template, and copy it to the cloud. 


Next, you need to identify the workload and the registered cloud to where it should be moved.  Specify a vApp template name and description, and note that if the source location is a vCloud Director cloud and the target is a vSphere cloud, the Source Catalog, cluster or host, resource pool, and datastore for the new instance need to specified. 


Once you’ve specified all of the information, copy the workload to the cloud.  A progress indicator will display the status, and the workload will be listed in the Completed section of the Tasks pane.  The original workload can be deleted from the source if desired.  Power on the virtual machines and vApps to enable them to be used. 


Whether you’re working through the vSphere client or a Web browser, VMware vCloud Connector makes it easy for customers of providers of vCloud Powered services to move their workloads to the cloud. As enterprises face the challenge of maintaining a flexible infrastructure capacity while containing costs, providers of vCloud Powered services have the advantage of offering secure clouds that work seamlessly with VMware-based cloud infrastructure. vCloud Connector makes this process painless by taking away the need for modifying existing infrastructure or applications.

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