It has been one year since we launched, and our first major refresh is live!

Our main change to the site supports the new vCloud Service Evaluation feature: a low-cost way to learn about the advantages of a vCloud and test-drive different providers. It’s as easy as signing up with your credit card.

The Service Provider Carousel features a rotating list of Providers of VMware vCloud Powered Services:

The VMware team and our Partners are also excited about the other new features you can find on

Supporting How-To Guides are perfect for new VMware vCloud users looking for technical implementation guides:

Improved integration with will help test-drive participants connect with other VMware vCloud users and VMware technical evangelists on social networks:

And a sign-up form for the vCloud Service Evaluation Beta gets you early access to our low-cost IaaS offerings:

Our team has many ideas for continued improvement, so join our beta today and stay tuned for upcoming features on

Questions or feedback for our team? Feel free to tweet at us (@vCloud and @VMwareSP) or leave a comment below.