Do you remember your first car? Thanks to VMware technology, Subaru, with the help of Minivegas Studio, was able to successfully launch the innovative, online marketing campaign – with a high-performance and scalable cloud infrastructure to support the creation of 10,000 animations within the first month.

Minivegas Studio, a multi-disciplinary advertising and film studio, was responsible for adding the interactivity to the campaign with a unique video engine. Using this engine, visitors can input their own personal text from a menu, and the engine then selects images based on the tag words used. From all of this an animation is created in real-time. In order to achieve an optimized user-experience and speedy presentation, the videos require fast online rendering and processing power flexible enough to keep the waiting time for varying numbers of visitors to a minimum.

According to Ellen Utrecht, Executive Producer at Minivegas Studio, “With VMware technology we were able to save a great deal of time on the project…The infrastructure provides with the necessary real-time rendering capacity on demand.” Furthermore, because the cloud environment is scalable enough to capture peaks in demand by the elastic engagement of additional rendering modes, “Even if the site gets a large number of visitors, we can keep the rendering time down to 40 seconds,” resulting in a superior user-experience even at peak times.

Minivegas partnered with Bitbrains, a provider of VMware vCloud Powered services, for their powerful and scalable cloud infrastructure that could achieve results in a short period of time. According to Utrecht, “As Subaru purchases media space with a link to this campaign, it is essential that the user experience remains intact even during a visitor peak. Regardless of the number of visitors, people want to be able to create their animation and see it on screen quickly.”

Bitbrains provided a solution based on vSphere and vCloud products, with the integration and control of the vCloud environment from the render infrastructure making use of prefab vApps and taking place via VMware PowerCLI and the vCloud API.  Cost also played a role in the decision to work with Bitbrains, because, “In order to keep the investment manageable, Carmichael Lynch (Subaru’s marketing agency) wanted to charge the capacity consumed on an hourly basis. With this cloud solution Carmichael Lynch only pays for the actual capacity used,” said Utrecht. 

The Pay-As-You-Go principle ensures that the necessary capacity needed to support does not require sky-high investment upfront. Working with Bitbrains has made Minivegas Studio certain “that the processing power and hosting are well organized and we can concentrate fully on the development of new interactive advertising concepts.”

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