“We saved $50k by not having to buy server hardware, and we’re saving $60k per year in operating efficiencies, electricity, Internet bandwidth, and IT man hours. That is what the Dell Cloud [with vCloud Datacenter Service] makes possible,” according to Oz Yosef, CEO at Gratifón S.A.

Gratifón is a Panama-based company that has developed telephone kiosks with high definition, 17-inch screens that allow customers in supermarkets, hotels and airports to pick up the phone and dial anywhere in the world for free, using voice-over-IP telephony. During customer phone calls, interactive videos pop up on the screens with ads offering – providing a win-win situation for customers, advertisers and Gratifón alike. Through Gratifón, customers can make free phone calls, and advertisers can take advantage of a direct-marketing approach.

Gratifón currently has 50 kiosks in Panama, but with the company’s concept gaining in popularity, Gratifón plans to expand with thousands of phones in Columbia, Ecuador, Argentina, and Brazil. In order to handle the traffic generated by thousands of phones and thousands of streaming videos, Gratifón needed a dependable, scalable and cost-efficient server infrastructure to support its telephone kiosks. 


Because constructing mission-critical datacenters in each country would have been an extremely expensive scenario, Yosef sought a cloud provider with high scalability, easy-to-use management tools, and a granular, secure user permissions system. Dell Cloud with VMware vCloud Datacenter Service provides Gratifón with the scalable computing power and storage they need – eliminating the need to build out its own data center, while delivering simplicity, ease of deployment, and a single point of contact for support. 

Because Yosef had already worked with VMware virtualization for Gratifón’s local servers in Panama, the company’s transition to Dell Cloud with VMware vCloud Datacenter Service was simple.  Of the transition, Yosef shares: 

“It was easy to set up my applications in the Dell Cloud. I just converted them to Open Virtual Format, uploaded that, and I was up and running in less than a day.” 

Dell Cloud with vCloud Datacenter Service also gives Gratifón rapid scalability, making adding capacity a point and click experience. “To add servers for additional markets, it’s an easy copy, paste, and change the labels,” according to Yosef, cutting the process of adding new markets from 10 days to less than 2 hours. 

What’s next for Gratifón? The company plans to add 250 kiosks to the 50 already set up in Panama within the next six months. The company then plans to roll out roughly 3,000 kiosks in other Latin American markets within 12-18 months.

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