As more and more companies move to the cloud, we’ve been trying to highlight some of our top customers who have successfully moved to the cloud with VMware technology. In the past 6 months we’ve featured organizations across various verticals and industries who have deployed private, public and hybrid clouds based on VMware cloud solutions, and we’ve shown how they’ve achieved a wide range of business benefits such as reduced IT costs, improved security, increased flexibility and more by moving to the cloud.

Here are some of the key highlights:

Oxford University, the oldest university in the English-speaking world, was able to achieve its vision for a Database-as-a-Service hybrid cloud project with VMware – deploying a solution that enabled users to quickly fire up a database within a central service and increased the overall efficiency of the University’s users and departments. 

SEGA Europe, maker of popular games such as Sonic the Hedgehog and Super Monkey Ball, was able to reduce the time needed in game-testing implementations by 17% through a VMware hybrid cloud solution, resulting in more efficient, bug-free games.

Charles River Laboratories, a contract research organization in the Life Sciences industry with a presence of 60 locations across 16 countries, was able to create a hybrid cloud solution that enabled them to seamlessly manage the transition between their on-premise infrastructure and the cloud – giving end-users more flexibility as to where their applications can run from.

Finally, high-performance motorcycle designer and manufacturer, Ducati Motor Holding, was able to increase the flexibility and agility of the company by deploying a private cloud with VMware. Thanks to VMware technology, Ducati has been able to “deploy applications, solutions, services, and new architectures in an incredibly short time.”

Beyond the organizations we’ve highlighted in our “Another VMware Cloud” series, VMware’s Public Cloud Diaries also draw attention to the successes other organizations across various verticals have achieved by moving to the public cloud with VMware solutions. 

In Part 1 of our blog series around the Public Cloud Diaries, we took a look at the experiences of four companies in the Business Services Industry and how they were able to lower operational costs and focus on their core business by deploying to the cloud with VMware vCloud Service Providers.

In Part 2, we highlighted how four companies in the Communications and Healthcare Industries were able to improve uptime, meet strict security guidelines, and avoid the major cost of building and maintaining an IT infrastructure in-house by working with VMware vCloud Service Providers.

In Part 3 of our series on the Public Cloud Diaries, we discussed the experiences of 3 companies in the Insurance, Non-Profit and Retail Industries. By working with vCloud Service Providers, these companies were all able to enjoy lower costs, higher levels of security, and flexibility to scale based on customer demand.

Finally, in Part 4, we shared how five companies in the Software Industry were able to avoid the high cost of building their own servers or cloud solutions and achieve better security by moving to the cloud with a VMware vCloud Service Provider. 

More and more organizations of all sizes and industries are successfully moving to the cloud with VMware, so stay tuned for even more VMware customer success stories! Be sure to follow @vCloud and @VMwareSP on Twitter for future updates.