By: David Davis

With hundreds of thousands of VMware vSphere admins out there, resources to learn vSphere and troubleshoot vSphere are plentiful. However, those same vSphere admins are now making the push to try out and learn about vCloud Director. This post is intended to be the ultimate vCloud Director Resource Guide, providing links to all the resources you need to learn about and troubleshoot vCD.

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This guide is a replacement for my Top Resources to Learn vCloud Director – August 2011 post as a number of new resources have come out since then (and vCD 1.5.1 has been released since that post was created).

I have broken this list of vCloud Director resources down into categories to help group similar resources together. Here you go:

VMware Official Resources

Since my last guide, all of these resources have been updated for vCloud Director 1.5.

VMware vCloud Blog

With hundreds of posts on the vCloud blog (most about vCloud Director), there are many resources but here are the most popular:

Besides the vCloud blog, there are a ton of other vCD resources on the web.

vCloud Director Resources on the Web

vCloud Director Videos on the Web

Special Thank You to Hany Michael at for the following list of vCD Videos from VMware, on YouTube:

vCloud Director Training Courses

With VMware vCloud Director now in its third revision with version 1.5.1, it’s gaining popularity with service providers and enterprises alike. More and more VMware Admins are wanting to learn about vCD and downloading the 60-day vCloud Director eval is the right way to start.

Stay tuned to the vCloud Blog and this blog post for updated links to download vCloud Director 1.5 bits and documentation as soon as it becomes available! And be sure to follow the @vCloud handle for future updates!

Are there new resources that aren’t listed here? Do you have a great article or link that needs to be added? Post your comments to let me know and we’ll get the ultimate guide updated! 

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