Today VMware has announced a new collaboration with Riverbed Technology – the performance company for the globally connected enterprise. While VMware and Riverbed have had an existing partnership that was first developed to help enterprises accelerate their journey to the cloud, this latest collaboration will enable users to move between clouds – private, public and hybrid – more efficiently than ever, by utilizing Riverbed’s wide area network (WAN) optimization solutions and VMware vCloud Connector.

Announced last year, vCloud Connector 1.5 allows customers to connect VMware vSphere and VMware vCloud Director-based private and public clouds and manage them through a single interface. With VMware’s new collaboration with Riverbed, customers may now:

  • Avoid delays that may arise due to challenges related to bandwidth constraints or high latency in the network;
  • Realize the benefits of utilizing multiple cloud environments without compromising performance;
  • Take advantage of Riverbed’s WAN optimization solution and reduce time and costs associated with WAN infrastructure.

With Riverbed and VMware solutions, VMware cloud service providers can maximize their cloud offerings even more by empowering customers to utilize their existing IT investments. Tim Vogel, Chief Technology Officer at Xtium (a provider of vCloud Powered services), shares that the collaborative efforts of Riverbed and VMware has allowed the company to “provide our customers with the ability to move VMs between public-to-public, public and private, and private-to-private clouds, resulting in the greatest flexibility of deployment for the best possible performance.”

For more information on Riverbed and VMware’s collaboration, download the VMware vCloud Connector and Riverbed Steelhead WAN Optimization Solution Brief. For future updates, be sure to follow us on Twitter @vCloud and @VMwareSP.