The hybrid cloud provides significant value to companies according to a recent article in the Financial Times.

In an interview with VMware customer AutoScout 24, the Financial Times found that the company now has the flexibility to adapt to varying traffic flows, source additional computing capacity, and migrate between two infrastructures in order to best meet customer demand, all thanks to VMware’s private and hybrid cloud technology.

AutoScout24 is an online vehicle marketplace with a catalog of over 1.8M cars. With over 100,000 commercial vehicles and 90,000 motorcycles up for sale, the site receives roughly 10M visitors every month, which places huge pressures on the company’s IT infrastructure.

To relieve unnecessary pressure, AutoScout24 is close to completing a hybrid cloud deployment based on VMware technology, in order to support the company’s new “Workshop portal” project. According to the Financial Times, the Workshop portal enables customers to “search for local garages qualified to service their vehicle, based on manufacturer, model, age and mileage, as well as the request quotes from mechanics and schedule appointments.”

Joachim Rath, head of IT production at AutoScout24, shares that a hybrid cloud is the best way of sourcing the additional computing capacity needed to roll out the service to other European cities. To deploy their hybrid cloud, the company plans to integrate their existing private cloud environment with the public cloud capacity provided by Wusys, a provider of vCloud Powered Services in Germany.

AutoScout24 is aiming to have their hybrid cloud operational by June. Once live, data will be able to migrate dynamically between the company’s private and public cloud infrastructures, allowing AutoScout24’s systems to offload intensive workloads to Wusys, thereby giving the company to quickly and affordably offer the Workshop portal to a far wider audience of car buyers.

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