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Another VMware Cloud: Charles River Laboratories Runs Their Hybrid Cloud on VMware

With VMware, Charles River Labs has been able to create a solution that enables them to seamlessly manage the transition between their on-premise infrastructure and the cloud, giving end-users more flexibility as to where their applications can run from.

Charles River Laboratories is a contract research organization in the Life Sciences industry with a presence of 60 locations across 16 countries. The company partners with customers to help them in their drug discovery and development processes, and employs between 7,000-7,500 staff members worldwide.

Charles River Labs is already a highly virtualized company, with 60-70% of their server environment virtualized. Because of this, they saw moving to the cloud as the next logical step in further improving their IT operations. When developing their cloud strategy, one of the company’s main objectives was to make sure they didn’t throw away or waste their existing IT investments. VMware’s vCloud solution was therefore a natural choice for Charles River Labs, as it enabled them to leverage their existing investment in their VMware-based on-premise infrastructure.

According to Steve Speirs, Chief Technology Officer at Charles River Labs, VMware’s hybrid cloud solution fit the company’s goals nicely, as it enabled them to transfer resources as needed between their on-premise infrastructure and the cloud from a single pane of glass. With vCloud Connector, the company had all the tools they needed to transfer and manage their existing applications through a vCloud provider. 


Now the company sees the cloud as being key to their overall strategy moving forward, with Speirs sharing, “The days of us investing heavily all of our capital into building hardware and infrastructure are past now. With the options that are available now from cloud partners, they bring agility, flexibility and in some case cost savings as well, for using that model.”

What’s next for Charles River Labs? Because they see the cloud as a key factor in the company’s success, a long-term goal is to make sure their team is trained in the new operating model – from managing hardware to working with a cloud provider. Additionally, the company would like to take the information from their hybrid cloud pilot and use it to inform their strategy in expanding their use of the cloud.   

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