By: David Davis

The adoption of VMware vCloud services by service providers (and customers) is growing. In fact, there has been a 3x increase just since Q3 2011, with over 100 VMware service provider partners now offering VMware vCloud Powered services. With more signing up every day, service providers want to get vSphere, vCenter, vCloud Director, vShield, and Chargeback up and running as quickly as possible. The faster that they can get these pieces up and configured, the faster they can start providing cloud infrastructure to customers. 


Up until now, getting all of these pieces installed, configured, and integrated could take some time. Once the infrastructure was ready, service providers then had to find ways to automate the delivery of customer and reseller cloud services. Fortunately, VMware has a new solution that eliminates these obstacles and gives service providers a shortcut to profitability and customers a shortcut to cloud computing. That solution is the new VMware vCloud Integration Manager, released February 7, 2012.

Here are 5 things that you need to know about vCloud Integration Manager:

  1. For Service Providers – vCIM isn’t for customers or for most VMware admins, it’s for providers of vCloud Powered services who are part of the VMware Service Provider Program (VSPP).
  2. Important for All Cloud Users – While vCIM isn’t for the typical VMware admin, it’s still important for all VMware admins because it allows vCloud service providers to get up and running faster, be more efficient, and offer cloud services to you (and me), faster than ever.
  3. Built on vSphere and vCloud Director – vCloud Integration Manager doesn’t work with other hypervisors or cloud solutions, it’s just for vSphere and vCloud Director Infrastructures. It allows them to automate the delivery of infrastructure cloud services and the total lifecycle of vCloud users.
  4. Accelerate and Simplify – vCIM helps to accelerate the provisioning of vSphere, vShield, vCenter, vCloud Director, and Chargeback while offering a web-based administration portal. It offers a REST-based API for integration with the service provider’s back office systems like CRM and billing. On the operations side, vCloud Integration Manager will increase efficiency and reduce costs by streamlining the customer lifecycle and reseller management.
  5. Resources to Learn More About vCloud Integration Manager are Available – you can learn more about vCIM at:

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