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Highlights from the Growing VMware Service Provider (VSPP) Ecosystem


The VMware Service Provider ecosystem continues to grow, and Partner Exchange 2012 is a testament to this growth – with over 4,000 attendees, PEX 2012 was the largest one yet. We had a great time meeting and greeting with all of the VMware Solution Providers, Service Providers and Partners that make VMware’s Partner ecosystem among the greatest in the industry, and we wanted to highlight some of the successes that VMware Service Providers have had to share due to their partnership with VMware.

In the video below, Bluelock CTO, Pat O’Day, discusses Bluelock’s vCloud Datacenter Service and how they’ve been able to help move their customers to the cloud with vCloud Connector:


In another great video with NTTA Communications, Nayan Naik, Director of Product Strategy, talks about the advantages of being a global provider of vCloud Powered services and the growing customer interest in hybrid cloud technologies:


Hosting.com has also seen success with its Cloud Enterprise public cloud service, a vCloud Powered offering. In the video below, Craig McLellan, CTO of Hosting.com, talks about their vCloud Powered offering, as well as how working with VMware has benefited Hosting.com to deliver disaster recovery and high availability options to enterprise customers:


You can visit VMwareTV on YouTube to watch all of our interviews with VMware Service Providers at PEX.

During key breakout sessions at PEX, we had the opportunity to hear more about how VMware Service Providers have been able to achieve big customer wins by delivering public cloud services powered by VMware technology.

For example, in CIM1345, a panel moderated by Mathew Lodge, Craig McLellan (CTO of Hosting.com) and Dante Orsini (CTO of iland) took the stage to discuss their real-world cloud experiences. Dante discussed how vCloud Connector has increased the speed of adoption internally for their customers, while Craig noted that education of the customer early in the opportunity is crucial when selling cloud services. Both vCloud Service Providers agreed that based on their experiences, they’re seeing more of a demand in the market for service-based offerings.


In SMP1540, a panel moderated by Kedra Simm, representatives from VMware Solution Providers Fortrust and Kembit discussed how partnering with vCloud Service Providers PeakColo and Uniserver has enabled them to increase their revenue and further benefit their current customer base. Both Solution Provider partners agreed that by taking advantage of VMware Service Provider Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offerings, they can focus on their customers instead of spending millions of dollars on building infrastructure.

Many of the breakout sessions during PEX also underlined VMware’s commitment to ensuring the success of its growing Service Provider and Partner Ecosystem.

In CIM1343, Mathew Lodge discussed the benefits of delivering vCloud Powered services, as it enables Service Providers to extend their datacenter, secure their infrastructure and access on-demand. Mathew noted that the top reasons why customers leave Amazon for vCloud Powered services are storage performance and operational costs, with one Fortune 100 Software Company being quoted as saying, “Our costs today are 50% of what they were with AWS” after switching to a vCloud provider.

We’re excited to see the continued growth of the VSPP program, and we hope everyone who attended PEX enjoyed the event and were able to network successfully with other VMware Service Providers, Solutions Providers and Partners! We also wanted to acknowledge and congratulate our Service Provider Partners who received awards during the VMware Partner Network global awards, such as Dell, who won VMware’s Global SMB Partner of the Year Award, and iland, who won the Global Service Provider of the Year (VSPP) Award. Check out the full list of winners.


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