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Announcing the General Availability of vCloud Integration Manager

By: Joe Andrews, Director of Cloud Product Marketing

Today VMware is happy to announce the general availability of VMware vCloud Integration Manager – a new tool designed specifically to give vCloud Service Providers a simple and standardized way to provision vCloud Director, vShield and vSphere. With vCloud Integration Manager, VMware provides vCloud Service Provider Partners a pragmatic path to offer a cost efficient and high margin public cloud service to customers. 

The interest from Service Providers has understandably been strong. To help them get started, VMware is offering a limited time promotion for eligible VSPP members to start using vCloud Integration Manager for free. More details on this offer can be found here.


With vCloud Integration Manager, vCloud Service Providers can:

  • Accelerate delivery and reduce time to market: vCloud Integration Manager’s tight integration with vCloud Director, vShield, vSphere and vCenter Chargeback Manager enables vCloud Service Providers to deliver infrastructure and associated services rapidly with the click of a button.
  • Operate more efficiently: Through a Web-based portal, vCloud Service Providers can manage existing and new customers, products and partners in one place, reducing operational complexity and cost. 
  • Increase revenue: vCloud Integration Manager enables vCloud Service Providers to take cloud services to market through new or existing channels that deliver the best results.

At VMware Partner Exchange, VMware Service Provider Partners had the opportunity to see a demo of vCloud Integration Manager in action at the VMware Booth and share their thoughts on the new tool. Here’s what a sample of vCloud Service Providers have had to say about vCloud Integration Manager:

Kevin Van Mondfrans, VP of Product Management, Cloud & Infrastructure as a Service for Layered Technologies (video below):

“For Layered Tech, vCloud Integration Manager allows us to more easily deliver cloud services to our customers…It also helps us to better deliver dedicated private clouds built within our cloud framework.” 


Mike Salviski, Director of Datacenter Solutions for Earthlink (video below):

“vCloud Integration Manager allows us to automate the onboarding of customers and allow us to offer our partners integrated servers to our vCloud infrastructure.” 


Pablo Serber, Chief Technologist for Colt: 

"We believe vCloud Integration Manager is a key enabler for the Distribution and VAR channels. It provides enhanced flexibility allowing the resellers to fully control the creation and configuration of packages that without vCloud Integration Manager, is not only slow, but rather complex. It maintains the n-tier multitenant customer segregation, which is essential for this market. Colt is currently piloting the first and only vCloud Integration Manager in EU. We are following very closely its evolution and features, and analyzing all the different scenarios for expanding our current Distribution and Reseller capabilities."

Bill Card, Cloud Engineer at bluemile:

"As a Cloud Engineer here at bluemile inc, vCloud Integration Manager proves as a great addition. When using vCloud Integration Manager, it provides resellers as well as sales team members to have the capability to provision vDCs within designated organizations. This can be pre-configured using vCloud Integration Manager, which allows our Cloud Engineers to standardize vDCs and maintain total control of the environment. There are also some key management features for us, such as managing POC lifecycles and ensuring that vDC cleanup is done afterwards based on predefined parameters."

To learn more about vCloud Integration Manager, check out Mathew Lodge’s recent post on the Rethink IT blog or visit VMware.com for product collateral. Eligible VSPP members may also visit Partner Central (login required) to download the product and technical documentation.

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