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It Starts Here – VMware Partner Exchange (PEX) 2012

By: David Davis

The theme of VMware Partner Exchange (PEX) 2012 is “It Starts Here”. That ‘IT’ could mean “Information Technology” or, more likely, it’s that “it” (meaning all things virtualization and cloud computing) will start here in 2012. With only 1 week to go before PEX kickoff on February 13, 2012, I can’t wait to find out what VMware could announce, what I will learn, and who I might be able to network with at PEX this year. While competitors would beg to differ, in the VMware world, it is true that, in a new year, it ALL does start at Partner Exchange (as it does take place in the beginning of the year and is when VMware announces to partners what product pushes they will make together that year).


What Should You See at PEX?

This will be my third PEX and I have begun to think of it as “the mid-year VMworld”. However, it really isn’t VMworld because there are only VMware partners present, because a huge focus is on the sales side of VMware solutions, and because the show is around 3-4000 people (much smaller than VMworld at 15,000+). Still, it is the best mid-year VMware show for me, personally, because I get to talk to the same industry experts as VMworld, find out what VMware partners are up to, sit in VMworld-style labs, attend awesome sessions, and listen to an inspiring presentations by Paul Maritz & Dr Steven Herrod.

I always enjoy visiting the Solutions Exchange Theater to listen to VMware Partners present and showcase their solutions, services and unique capabilities. Everything from cloud architecture, networking, storage, security, management, and more is covered. VMware has one of the most impressive partner ecosystems I have ever seen.


Plus, TrainSignal (who I create vSphere video training for) will have our first ever booth at the PEX solutions exchange. Likely I’ll be there a lot so, if you attend PEX, make sure that you come by and see me!

And if you can attend, make sure you register and attend on of the awesome PEX Tweetups, parties, and gatherings. I will be at the HP Tweetup at Margaritaville so I hope to catch you there!

The Best Sessions of VMware Partner Exchange 2012

Speaking of those sessions I mentioned, what are the best sessions? I had a tough time making up my schedule because there are just so many great sessions spread across just a few days.

Here are the sessions I’m really going to try to attend:

  • 2/11 at 1:30pm – #CIM1262: DR of the Cloud and to the Cloud with Chris Colotti and Duncan Epping
  • 2/14 at 1:30pm – #CIM1291: Multi-tier vApp Solution Design for vCloud with John Arrasjid (VCDX #001) and Amanda Kammampati
  • 2/14 at 4pm – #TEX1261: Building Apps on Top of the vCloud API with Mike DePetrillo
  • 2/15 at 1:45pm – #PAR1571: Becoming a VMware Service Provider Using vCloud Powered Services with Luke Norris
  • 2/15 at 4:15pm – #CIM1289: vCloud Architecture Toolkit Overview with John Arrasjid (VCDX #001)
  • 2/16 at 10:15am – #CIM1269:  Upgrading the vCloud Solutions Stack in an End to End Environment with Chris Colotti and Dave Hill
  • and more!

However, since I haven’t figured out how to clone myself yet and don’t have the ability to attend every PEX session that I want to, here is a list of other PEX sessions that the VMwareSP team will fortunately be live-tweeting from:

  • 2/14  at 4pm – #CIM1432: How to Win with vCloud Services with Theresa Vu
  • 2/15 at 2:30pm – #CIM1453: Creating Public Clouds for Regulated Verticals with Melody Hazi
  • 2/15 at 4:15pm – #CIM1345: Real World Experiences: Service Providers Share Best Practices for Delivering Public and Hybrid Cloud Services with Mathew Lodge
  • 2/15 at 4:15pm – #CIM1307: Automating Deployment and Operations of a vCloud Infrastructure with Amit Gupta
  • 2/16 at 9am – #CIM1398: VMware Service Provider Momentum and Expansion with Kedra Simm
  • 2/16 at 9am – #CIM1260: Multi-Site Cloud Deployment with Mike DiPetrillo
  • 2/16 at 10:15am – #SMP1540: Selling Hybrid and Public Clouds: Solution Providers and Service Providers in Harmony with Kedra Simm
  • 2/16 at 11:30am – #CIM1343: How to Sell and Deliver IaaS Clouds Powered by vCloud Service Providers with Kirti Dewan
  • 2/16 at 11:30am – #CIM1311: Cloud Infrastructure Product Opportunities for Service Providers with David Baldwin

So whether you can attend, or not, make sure you are following @VMwareSP and @vCloud to catch highlights from these PEX vCloud/SP sessions.

For more great PEX sessions, make sure you checkout:

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Top Reasons to Attend VMware Partner Exchange 2012

If you are unfamiliar with PEX, make sure you checkout this video on the top reasons to attend:


If you haven’t already registered for PEX or haven’t built your schedule yet, make sure that you try to checkout these sessions! Register at VMware Partner Exchange (PEX) 2012.

David Davis is a VMware Evangelist and vSphere Video Training Author for TrainSignal. He has achieved CCIE, VCP, VCAP-DCA, and vExpert level status over his 18+ years in the IT industry. David has authored hundreds of articles on the Internet and over 10 video training courses for TrainSignal.com including the popular vSphere video training package. Learn more about David at his blog or on Twitter and check out a sample of his new vSphere 5 video training course over at TrainSignal.com.


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