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The Cloud Vendor Landscape – The VMware Advantage According to the Taneja Group

In a recent evaluation of ten of the leading cloud solution vendors (including Microsoft, Red Hat, Amazon, Rackspace and others), the Taneja Group determined that VMware stands out as the clear cloud leader due to its broad portfolio of virtualization and cloud management solutions, service provider ecosystem, and cross-cloud enabling tools and interfaces.

According to the Taneja Group, only VMware offers the combination of industry-leading virtualization and management solutions required for an on-premise, private cloud, as well as the enterprise-class tools needed to bridge the private cloud with one or more off-premise, public clouds – making the successful deployment of hybrid clouds a reality for the enterprise. Check out the following charts to see how VMware’s IaaS and PaaS stacks up against other cloud vendors: 



The Taneja Group also determined that the offerings of VMware’s ecosystem of vCloud service providers surpass the service capabilities of public cloud providers such as Amazon and Rackspace/OpenStack. Using the VMware-CSC service provider partnership as an example, the Taneja Group highlights what sets VMware’s hybrid cloud service provider program apart:

  • A true enterprise hybrid cloud offering. In CSC’s case, BizCloud offers the dedicated infrastructure and security of a public cloud with the pay-as-you-go economics and convenience of a public cloud.
  • Fast time to deployment.
  • Transparent and auditable security – made possible with VMware’s vShield security framework, which is fully virtualization aware.
  • Dedicated infrastructure.
  • Multi-tiered enterprise SLAs.
  • Global consistency and reach. CSC, for example, offers a consistent set of public CloudCompute services from seven CSC Trusted Data Centers on three continents, with plans to expand to 28 data centers in the future.
  • Enterprise hybrid cloud expertise. Because the vCloud Datacenter Services program provides rigorous training and certification services and requires service providers to meet enterprise-level standards for security, agility and application portability, certified vCloud Datacenter Service Providers can provide customers with the benefit of their considerable expertise. 

For a breakdown of how VMware’s Service Provider Ecosystem stacks up against Amazon and Rackspace/OpenStack, check out the following chart: 


In sum, if your enterprise is considering a hybrid cloud model, VMware can help make this transition a reality with industry-leading virtualization and cloud solutions and a robust ecosystem of compatible cloud providers. 

For more on the Taneja Group’s findings, download the full report. If your enterprise is interested in the public cloud, you can also apply to test drive a public cloud from a vCloud Provider via For future updates, be sure to follow @vCloud and @VMwareSP on Twitter!


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