Welcome to our third installment of the Public Cloud Diaries – an ongoing project that showcases the various business situations and challenges that companies have experienced when moving to the public cloud. In this blog, we’ll discuss the public cloud experiences of three companies in the Insurance, Non-Profit and Retail industries.

In case you missed them, be sure to check out Part I, where we detailed the experiences of companies in the Business Services Industry and the ROI they achieved in moving to the public cloud, and Part II, featuring the stories of organizations in the Communications and Healthcare industries. 


Company: Provider of Business Process Outsourcing Services Between Primary Insurance and Reinsurance Companies
The Needs: This firm needed a scalable cloud solution for rapid changes in demand, fast response times and the ability to comply with rapidly changing insurance security requirements.
The Solution: They chose a vCloud Service Provider that offered multiple virtual servers to scale with fluctuating business. The company hosted 3 applications in the cloud on secure servers with access keys.
The ROI: By working with a vCloud Service Provider, this company could focus on the business and not IT. They also enjoyed savings from not having to invest in hardware for a traditional datacenter and could bill IT costs directly to each client. 


Company: A Non-Profit Website that Offered Info, Services and Social Media to the Art Community
The Needs: Before choosing VMware, this non-profit’s site was hosted on a small-hosting provider and was severely hacked and infested with Trojan spam. The non-profit needed utmost security, the ability to grow over time and remote management capabilities.
The Solution: The site was rebuilt with a vCloud Service Provider. With VMware vCloud Director, they were able to create and upload server images whenever they needed to, enabling them to react to new art information and make both structure and content changes to the website.
The ROI: The non-profit gained peace of mind with no major expenses. They also enjoyed a higher level of security, increased flexibility and painless growth options.


Company: National Retailer with a Franchise Model
The Needs: This large retailer utilized an intricate IT system that tracked over 475,000 SKUS and supported every franchise store. They needed an infrastructure solution for their software that could scale during the influx of business during the holiday season, geographic redundancy to prevent outages from a cloud provider site failure and the ease of building and managing technology.
The Solution: Their ecommerce system was hosted by a VMware Service Provider on customer facing VMs and load balanced with a backend server on a dedicated SQL database.
The ROI: The retailer enjoyed geographic redundancy, the ability to scale to handle seasonal increases in business and SAS70 and SSAE15 security certifications.

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