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December Events and Webinars from VMware Service Providers

By: Matt Sarrel

There are a number of upcoming events being held by VMware Service Providers for customers who want to learn more about building and managing cloud solutions.  In fact, there are more and more of these events (and more service providers) so I’m going to post a few of the best events at the start of every month so you can get these on your calendar.    

12/1 – Austin, TX Lunch and Learn with iland 

Register: http://www.iland.com/austin-lunch-learn 

Join iland at Maggiano's Little Italy! The event will be held December, 1 2011 from 11:30-1:30 pm, Central. Learn the different ways that IT organizations and service providers are harnessing the power of a virtual datacenter to gain unprecedented agility without sacrificing security, compatibility, performance, or control.

Hear from the pros at iland and VMware as they discuss distinct use cases such as streamlining the deployment of applications and role based administration.  iland Cloud Services enables IT organizations to build and manage secure virtual datacenters in North America and Europe on trusted high performance cloud infrastructure with extensive compute capacity and flexible billing options.

Don't miss this exciting opportunity to enhance your cloud infrastructure strategy. Each attendee will be placed into a drawing to win a $50 Best Buy gift card, which will be given away at the event, and space is limited so register today!

12/7 - Free Steak & Learn: Bluemile's Bulletproof VMware vCloud Powered Enterprise Virtual Datacenter 

Register: http://www.eventbrite.com/event/2499299472  

One word was enough to sell me on this event: s-t-e-a-k. And top it off with learning about how to determine and meet Recovery Time Objectives and Recovery Point Objectives for disaster recovery.  

Learn how Bluemile leverages VMware, VPLEX from EMC and physical data centers on separate national power grids to deliver immediate RTOs and RPOs with zero downtime and zero data loss.

Learn about Bluemile’s:

  • ability to slide virtual servers between geographically diverse physical data centers
  • hot/hot or active/active systems that can run 100% uptime
  • access to bandwidth, memory, compute power, storage, backup, and 24/7 technical support

Bluemile virtualizes your IT infrastructure using VMware vSphere, the industry’s most trusted virtualization platform. Built on the vBlock architecture combined with vCloud Director, Bluemile can securely connect your private cloud to the resources in our network. This allows applications to seamlessly move from your internal private cloud to Bluemile’s secure network.

12/14 – Bluelock: Managing Cost in the Cloud

Register: https://bluelock.webex.com/bluelock/onstage/g.php?t=a&d=666545006 

Time: 1-2 PM EST
Presenter: Pat O’Day, CTO, Bluelock

It’s no secret that IT organizations are under tremendous pressure to deliver the most value for every dollar spent on technology. Instead of simply hacking and slashing budgets, it’s important to understand how new IT paradigms can best be utilized in the new economy. With effective visibility and control, it becomes much easier to align your utilization and spending. 

Bluelock will demonstrate how it delivers on this promise by enabling you to make fast effective decisions and wrench the most value out of the cloud.

Learn how to:

  • Understand the True Cost of IT
  • Avoid Unnecessary Spending
  • Forecast Future Spending
  • Spot the Outliers
  • Stay out of the Line of Fire

Bluelock, a VMware vCloud Datacenter provider, is an experienced provider of Virtual Datacenters hosted in the public cloud. Providing VMware-based and fully compatible cloud solutions, Bluelock delivers an efficient way to make hybrid cloud strategies a reality. 

12/15 - Bluemile Presents 5 Solutions to Protect Applications & Eliminate Downtime

Register: https://www3.gotomeeting.com/register/891212918

This event is online only and promises to be very informative regarding business continuity, especially virtualized solutions designed to help automate and simplify your organization's recovery procedures. 

This presentation will focus on 5 solutions designed to protect your critical applications and eliminate unnecessary downtime. Join Bluemile & VMware as they discuss how VMware vMotion, SRM and vCloud Director products enable Bluemile to provide you with the flexibility, security and scalability that your business needs. 

  1. Active/Active Virtual Datacenter 
  2. VM Disaster Recovery 
  3. Storage as a Service 
  4. Backup & Recovery 
  5. Archiving 

All of these events promise to be informative opportunities to learn more about how VMware Service Provider solutions can benefit your organization. For future news and updates about VMware’s Service Provider ecosystem, be sure to follow @vCloud and @VMwareSP on Twitter.

Matthew D. Sarrel (or Matt Sarrel) is executive director of Sarrel Group, a technology product testing, editorial services, and technical marketing consulting company.  He also holds editorial positions at pcmag.com, eweek, GigaOM, and Allbusiness.com, and blogs at TopTechDog.


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