We recently introduced our first installment of the Public Cloud Diaries – an ongoing project that showcases the various business situations and challenges that companies have experienced when moving to the public cloud. In Part I, we detailed the experiences of four companies in the Business Services Industry, and the ROI they achieved in moving to the public cloud.

In our second installment, we’ll take a look at the experiences of four companies from the Communications and Healthcare industries. 


Company 1: Media and Communications Firm for Pharmaceutical Companies
The Needs: The firm was searching for a cloud vendor with value-added services, managed services expertise, and unparalleled reliability.  In addition, because it served the healthcare industry, it needed to comply with strict guidelines
The Solution: The vCloud Service Provider they chose provided 99.999% up time and complied with HIPAA and SAS 70 guidelines of the healthcare industry.
The ROI: The company did not have to hire more IT staff or a special SAS 70 consultant to help implement the cloud solution. 

Company 2: Telecommunications Company
The Needs: The company needed a cloud provider for data back up with managed services and expertise, as well as the ability to operate in a hybrid cloud with their own internal private and public clouds.
The Solution: A vCloud Service Provider with multiple virtual servers at two physical locations was chosen; this configuration allowed them to restore rapidly should a disaster occur.
The ROI: The VMware solution provided reliability, IT efficiency, the ability to restore a single file via a GUI in minutes and the complete removal of hardware responsibility. 


Company 1: Software Company that Provides Services and Scrub Engines for Healthcare Claims Processing
The Needs: Initially this company wanted to build its own IT team and datacenter but realized that a cloud solution would be more suitable due to the fluctuations in demand for its service.  However, any cloud solution they used had to comply with stringent healthcare industry guidelines.
The Solution: A vCloud Service Provider that was compliant with SAS 70 Type 2 and HIPAA guidelines provided a 99.9% up time for the company and implemented the cloud infrastructure in a few months.
The ROI: The company avoided the major cost of building and maintaining its IT structure in-house, which enabled it to focus on its core business.

Company 2: Beta-mode Healthcare Startup that Provides Access to Online Database for Evaluating Risk of Skin Conditions and Wounds
The Needs: The startup first used Amazon Web Services cloud, and while it was affordable, it offered no free support besides through a forum. Amazon Web Services also provided little information on how the cloud was secured or where data was stored.  The company was looking for a solution with more services and security.
The Solution: A vCloud Service Provider offered security knowledge and existing credentials for the healthcare industry, as well as a high level of support.
The ROI: The startup enjoyed savings by reducing upfront costs and eliminating the need to find an experienced cloud operations or healthcare compliance consultant.  Also, it found a solution that can grow with the company.

Next week we’ll highlight the experience of four companies in the Insurance, Non-Profit and Retail Industries who moved to the cloud with VMware.

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