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Announcing the General Availability of vCloud Connector 1.5

By Neha Sampat

Today VMware is happy to announce the general availability of vCloud Connector 1.5, helping to make public and hybrid cloud computing a reality for the enterprise. 

This hybrid cloud tool gives companies the freedom to move workloads between private Sphere and vCloud Director environments, from their private vCloud environments to public clouds and back, or from one vCloud service provider to another.

With vCloud Connector 1.5, customers can transfer workloads between clouds more reliably and efficiently than ever.  Users can also view VMs and templates across multiple clouds and perform basic operations through a new Web-based UI of

Now Access vCloud Connector through a Browser


Feature Highlights in vCloud Connector 1.5: 

More Reliable Transfer of Workloads: Transfer virtual machines and templates between clouds more reliably and efficiently with features like multi-part transfer, built-in compression and checkpoint restart.

Single Pane of Glass, Now through Web UI: Continue to view VMs and templates across multiple clouds and perform basic operations such as power and console access within the vSphere client, now also accessible through Web-based UI of

Support for latest version of vSphere (5.0) and vCloud Director (1.5)

Search Function: Finds specific VMs, vApps, and templates by name in large clouds

New Search Function in vCloud Connector 1.5


Learn more about what’s new in the vCloud Connector 1.5 Release Notes.

An Early Response from Customers

Here’s a sample of what IT professionals, architects and engineers ranging from small businesses to large enterprises have had to say after beta testing vCloud Connector 1.5: 

On Ramp to Public Cloud

"vCloud Connector has made cloud-services accessible to our organization and has given us an on-ramp to the public cloud.”  

“vCloud Connector allows me to effortlessly transfer workloads from cloud to cloud, and vCenter to cloud instances.  It is a very handy tool to have!”

“vCloud Connector helps get us started with hybrid clouds. It is the perfect tool to help our customers make the transition to public vClouds.”

“vCloud Connector 1.5 allows me to reliably transfer VMs, vApps and templates across private clouds and public vCloud Services. VMware vCloud Connector makes hybrid cloud computing possible in the real world.”

Simplifies Workload Transfer

“VMware vCloud Connector makes it possible to move workloads from different clients to and from their own systems to our Public cloud, making our service much easier to get.”

“vCloud Connector 1.5 allows my team to quickly move/migrate virtual resources in one well-defined ‘environment,’ being less prone to error.” 

“A much needed bridge solution which enabled us to move our VMs around without additional management headaches.” 

Oxford University's Journey to the Cloud

At Oxford, cloud and virtual technology brings research into twenty first century and beyond.  A recent blog post captures Oxford's efforts to build a virtual infrastructure with database as a service for researchers and how vCloud Connector was used to help them move data to the cloud.

View additional customer testimonials and case studies related to the use of vCloud Connector 1.5 through an early look at our customer research results:

Feedback from vCloud Connector 1.5 Beta Users


Test Drive a Public Cloud

At VMworld 2011 in Las Vegas, VMware launched, an online destination designed to help make enterprise public cloud computing a reality.  Join the users who have connected with a vCloud Service Provider and applied to test drive a public cloud today.

Learn more about the new features available in vCloud Connector 1.5

Check out our blog where we introduced the public beta of VCC 1.5. Our guest blogger, David Davis, also wrote a great blog highlighting the ‘Must Knows’ of vCloud Connector 1.5 (including videos and screenshots).  

Feel free to comment or tweet us your feedback via @vCloud and @VMwareSP!


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