Welcome to the Public Cloud Diaries – an ongoing project that documents the business situations and challenges that companies have experienced when moving to the public cloud. Dimensional Research, a company that provides practical research services for technology companies, interviewed real VMware customers across various industries to examine their individual challenges and needs when choosing a cloud vendor. These interviews reveal why each company chose VMware vCloud services, and the business benefits enabled through the public cloud.

In our first installment, we’ll take a look at the experiences of four companies in the Business Services industry.

Company 1: Provider of Fundraising Systems for Charity Events
The Needs: This company had to provide 24×7 customer support and 99.99% uptime to meet customer requirements. In addition, they required short-notice access to more computing power to serve sudden increases in event size.
The Solution: The vCloud Service Provider they selected offered dynamic responses to computing and storage, allowing their virtual servers to be easily scaled to demand on short notice.
The ROI: Saved 37% of operational costs when compared to running the application internally, higher service levels and uptime and flexible scalability.

Company 2: Provider of Home Security & Automation Services
The Needs: This company required low infrastructure cost in order to make their $8/month subscription fee profitable. Self-contained deployment was also a key requirement, so that servers, security, database and file systems could be moved as one if required.
The Solution: A vCloud Service Provider that provided a flexible and self-contained “virtual private cloud.”
The ROI: This company was able to keep IT expenses at 20-25% of total costs and attained peace of mind with top-notch infrastructure.

Company 3: Reseller of Services & Infrastructure for eCommerce, CRM, ERP and Help Desk Applications
The Needs: This company received an influx of customer requests for cloud deployment and disaster recovery, therefore it needed a to find a place in the cloud to host their applications. In addition, the reseller needed a cloud provider that offered managed services on top of virtual machines.
The Solutions: Because most of their customers utilize 2-4 physical servers with up to 12 VMs running on them, the company worked with a vCloud Service Provider that enabled them to operate and control cloud infrastructure whether it was an application, back up, or recovery, all from a centralized control panel.
The ROI: Resulted in a strategic advantage for the company by reducing IT costs and enabling it to focus on their business and not in the management of their IT infrastructure.

Company 4: Technology Research Company that commissions research with universities
The Needs: The company experienced data loss and down time in the past on their own servers and needed a reliable solution that could support public cloud services and make servers and applications available to remote employees—all at a low cost.
The Solutions: In phase 1 of deployment, the company used a vCloud Service Provider that enabled them to run a single virtual machine on a single box with load balancing and back up service – giving them the flexibility to build out their web server and databases as needed.
The ROI: Lower hardware and maintenance costs and better access to applications for remote users.

Next week we’ll highlight the experience of four companies in the Communications and Healthcare industries who moved to the cloud with VMware.

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