VMware recently announced that the VMware vCloud Powered Service Provider ecosystem has continued to grow, with more than 50 VMware Service Provider Partners delivering VMware vCloud Powered services all over the globe. During VMworld, VMware also announced new capabilities to help accelerate customers’ journey to the enterprise hybrid cloud, with the collaboration of providers offering vCloud Powered services. 

In light of this, we decided to create a series of ‘best practice’ blog posts for our service provider partners with vCloud Powered offerings, and highlight helpful tips to be more successful with their service offerings.

A key way for service providers to be more successful with their service offerings is to help their customers transition to the cloud as simply and easily as possible. Providers offering VMware vCloud Powered services already have an advantage in this market, because they offer services built on vCloud architecture (including vSphere and vCloud Director), which enables organizations to employ a true hybrid cloud environment using the same VMware technology that many of them have already utilized in their virtualized datacenters.

Unlike other public clouds that require applications to be built specifically to run on a unique cloud computing platform, millions of existing applications currently running on VMware vSphere can run on vCloud Powered services, without modification.

Furthermore, with vCloud Connector 1.5, a free plug-in for vSphere, customers can use an easy to navigate graphical interface to move virtual machines and templates into any vCloud Powered cloud. VMware vCloud Connector also allows customers to manage and monitor private and public clouds under a single interface, and is a valuable tool for customers regardless of where they are on the road to cloud computing.

By making it easy for customers to transition to the cloud, providers who offer vCloud Powered services are able to capture more of their market and help their customers become more successful.

Keep an eye out for the second installment in this series, where we will go over how providers offering vCloud Powered services can achieve success by staying ahead of customer needs.