Matthew D. Sarrel, Sarrel Group

Since December, I have been updating blog readers on the evolution of Virtacore’s vCloud Express Beta. Virtacore’s beta trial ended earlier this month, and I’m happy to report that as of today, vCloud Express is now live!

vCloud Express is a public cloud offering based on VMware technology, providing virtual servers from Virtacore’s shared resource pool for a low monthly cost, following a utility computing model where you only pay for the resources and bandwidth that you use. Virtacore has also created a Unified Management Portal that allows you to control and move data to and from vCloud Express and Virtacore Private Clouds. Virtacore’s Unified Portal is a VMware-based platform that makes it easy to migrate workloads to and from public, private and corporate clouds.

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Currently, Virtacore is the only provider that offers vCloud Express using vCloud Director 1.0.

For more information on Virtacore’s vCloud Express, check out their website. Also, be sure to follow me on Twitter (@msarrel) for regular updates on Virtacore, vCloud, and the VMware Service Provider community.

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