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Sharepoint 2010 Server in Terremark vCloud Express

Matthew D. Sarrel, Sarrel Group

Today I’m rolling out a Sharepoint 2010 Server in my Terremark environment.  From time to time my test projects involve sharing information with other team members so it will be helpful for me to have a document repository on my test network.  Besides, it’s so easy to provision a new virtual machine that I might as well do it in my Terremark environment.

I’ll start by creating a Windows Server 2008 R2 64-bit VM based on a template as described in my earlier post. 

Incidentally, I noticed that Terremark added some security questions to the login procedure.  I like to see incremental improvements like that.  It shows me the dev team is on its toes.

Next I connect through the SSL VPN and open a console session. 

I added the new server to my local workgroup and created a share from Windows.

Then I upload the SharePoint 2010 .iso file simply by copying it.  I had downloaded it previously from MSDN.

Next, I’ll mount the SharePoint 2010 installation ISO.  I tried to mount it within the console but it turned out to be more efficient to mount it through Windows.

I found instructions, downloaded the utility and mounted the ISO.

And the ultimate step – installing the SharePoint 2010 software can begin.


Matthew D. Sarrel (or Matt Sarrel) is executive director of Sarrel Group, a technology product testing, editorial services, and technical marketing consulting company.  He also holds editorial positions at, eweek, GigaOM, and, and blogs at TopTechDog.


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