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More VMware Cloud Director Support for vCloud from Zenoss

By Josh Duncan, Product Marketing Manager at Zenoss 

The Zenoss team has been busy at VMworld talking with customers and learning lots about what is going on in the cloud and virtualization space.  We made a big announcement at the conference about Zenoss support for VMWare's vCloud offering.

I asked Chet Luther, principal engineer at Zenoss, to give a quick introduction to our announcement while at the conference this week.

What’s in it for cloud providers using vCloud? For them, Zenoss offers real-time visibility into the resources required to operate a private or public cloud at scale. Providers need visibility into which customers are using what resources, what users/workloads are causing performance problems, and what is the root cause of these problems. They need to know when they are going to run out of capacity and where, and what customers will be affected.  

Zenoss provides a service assurance console enabling operational insights from across all your physical and virtual devices and into your vCloud infrastructure.  With automatic discovery and mapping of the dependencies between the components in the cloud and a map that updates in real-time based on changes to the environment, gives customer improved service delivery, faster time to resolution on operational issues, delegated administration, and access to the operational insight needed for capacity planning and management.

Check out our full demo here to learn more on Zenoss and vCloud management.  


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