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VMware vCloud Architect Massimo Re Ferre’ talks public cloud

Following our Orange Business Services announcement, their annual conference Orange Business Live took place in Amsterdam on June 15th to 17th. Weren’t able to make it to
the Netherlands?

Below is a clip from the event, featuring an Orange representative
interviewing VMware vCloud Architect Massimo Re Ferre’. Re Ferre’ explains how VMware
technology provides a secure public cloud for customers, and the advantages of
being a VMware service provider.

The main highlights:

Re Ferre’
stresses the point that VMware is a technology enabler for service provider partners, allowing them to implement
an IaaS layered architecture.

The IaaS layer
for Orange Business Services provides a true public cloud offering based on
virtualization tools they’re already using, such as vSphere.

Re Ferre’ says virtualization
is the cornerstone because it is imperative for flexibility and agility in the
cloud, enabling cloud abstraction.

introduces concepts that go beyond running different operating systems. For
example, encapsulation allows a user to turn a service or application into a
single file making it easy to move that workload into the cloud.

VMware provides Orange
Business Services and other service providers with “infrastructure plumbing” in
the cloud, enabling them to host customers securely. Another advantage for
partners is the ability to add additional services, templates or other value
atop the VMware foundation. This is the concept of VMware – federating
infrastructures, giving both our service providers and customers freedom of
choice to federate internal infrastructures with outside compute power in the
public cloud.

Re Ferre’ also discusses
VMware’s recent acquisitions of SpringSource and Zimbra, and the role they play
in the company’s PaaS and SaaS strategies. Check out the full video here!


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