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VMware and Google Initiative Supports Java-Based Apps in the Cloud

Today, live at Google I/O, VMware and Google
announced a joint initiative to support the development and deployment of
Java-based applications in the cloud. This announcement follows the very
successful announcement of a joint partnership between VMware and
to launch an open, enterprise Java cloud service – VMforce – based on Spring
and vCloud/vSphere technologies. 


VMware and Google have a shared vision to make it
easy to build, run, and manage applications for the cloud, and to do so in a
way that makes applications portable across clouds. 


With this joint initiative, Spring becomes the
preferred Java programming model for Google’s public cloud offering – Google
App Engine. Additionally, the two companies have been working to integrate
Google’s GWT (Google Web Toolkit) technology with the Spring framework and
development tools, to enable Spring developers to easily and rapidly build rich
internet applications. 


For more details, view a replay of the webcast from
the Google conference here.  For a general description of the
announcement, and significance of this announcement, please take a look at our blog.


For those interested in more of the technology
details, check out Rod Johnson’s blog.


Simply put, the significance of these announcements
in combination are:

* VMware is bringing to market an OpenPaaS stack
(i.e. an open and portable environment for cloud-based application development
and deployment).

* VMware is partnering with the industry leading
cloud vendors to bring this OpenPaaS offering to market.

* Spring is the dominant Java programming model for
the development and deployment of Java applications for the new era of cloud
computing, whether internal (private cloud) or external (public cloud).

* Only VMware is offering its customers, and the
market, a modern application development and deployment environment for
portable, cloud-enabled and optimized applications.


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