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vCloud Twitter Poll Results – How do you define Cloud Computing?

So what is a cloud anyways?
How do YOU define the cloud? Recently the vCloud team was inspired by the
weekly reader polls on ReadWriteCloud.
We decided to run one of our own using a free service called twtpoll. There are almost as many definitions
of “cloud computing” as there are clouds in the sky. We wanted to find out what
you thought.

We picked a handful of
definitions from different sources and posted their take on what “cloud
computing” might be without revealing the source. In this post we’ll share with
you the names of those the authors. Among the definitions of cloud computing
was the winner from the RWC
. We received more than 200 votes, and surprisingly the number one
choice from the RWC poll did not come out on top for our vCloud Twitter


The run away winning
definition with 76% of the vote is from Wikipedia and Sam Johnston (@samj). You
can read more about his 5-stack explanation of cloud computing here and

Our runner-up with 18% of
the vote was our own VMware definition of vCloud, but slightly shorter than
described on our website.
Finishing third place was the winner of the RWC poll – Redmonk Analyst James
Governor’s (@monkchips) definition of cloud discussed in his blog post here.
Reuven Cohen’s definition (@ruv) from his ElasticVapor
had the least number of votes at 3%.

Finally, we wanted to take
this opportunity to update VMware’s definition of cloud computing, as it has
changed slightly since we launched our vCloud initiative:

Cloud Computing is an approach to computing that leverages the
efficient pooling of on-demand, self-managed virtual infrastructure, consumed
as a service.

How do you, our vCloud readers,
define cloud? Do you agree with this definition? Let us know what you think in
the comments section below. We’ll follow up with new polls in the coming


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  1. Great definitions of the “cloud”. I remember a few other buzz words they used to use in IT to describe the cloud – “On Demand” computing and “grid computing” were used heavily for the past 10 years. It is true that marketing plays a big role in how to spin a “cloud” offering……there are as many cloud definitions and offerings today as there are grains of sand in Silicon Valley.
    The cloud is not infinite (nor are the utilities we use) – there’s a level where storage, compute, and network become constrained and very expensive. Depending on what resources are available to a business, and what infrastructure designs are in place, the cloud will take on different forms.

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