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My cloud is an abusive relationship and I love it

By Adrian Cole, jclouds founder

I was really intrigued, speaking on the cloud power
users panel during web2expo yesterday.  To my left and right
were other cloud power users, running businesses on the cloud with significant
demands.  Everyone had to use weird hacks, they were unhappy with SLAs, and
had serious unmet needs and yet not one expressed any desire in leaving

Is EC2 the abusive relationship you just can’t
leave?  Will it change and treat you better if you do (pay) more?  I
have my doubts, but I certainly see why companies don’t want to leave.

Setting up elaborate systems such as 10 volume raids
to hedge EBS performance woes isn’t easy.  Getting through a trial like
that is satisfying and once you’re over it, why risk such pain with another
cloud?  The devil you know, I guess.

Amazon has a history of trickling in performance
improvements in their services, and mild feature updates.  One can
reasonably expect things to change, but really… would you do it again given the

The fact is that people are using tools such as
RightScale and Heroku, and while you use these, you are limited to the set of
features they support on the clouds they support.  If you aren’t using
tools, you are building them, and there’s considerable effort changing
homegrown EC2 scripts to anything else.

My call to action is for the alternative clouds out
there.  Cloud: show us you are a better relationship than EC2.  Keep
your promises (SLA), and make your customers want to stay with you forever
(give people I/O performance and guarantees, make scaling more than trivially
useful, offer a cloud career plan). Now that’s a relationship we’d all like to

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  1. There’s another option to using EC2: pay someone else to have the EC2 headaches, and you just worry about your application. Managed cloud hosting.

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