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webappVM Supports Platform-as-a-Service on VMware vCloud Express

webappVM provides software solutions that
enable PHP and
Java developers to onboard existing Web applications
to cloud computing environments such as vCloud Express while reducing risk by
providing built-in scaling and monitoring. We talked to webappVM CEO Isaac Roth
about what today’s VMware vCloud partner announcement means for developers (


What does this partnership mean for developers?
Roth: this partnership is particularly exciting because it combines a
self-service solution with emerging industry standards to address an important
problem: rapidly deploying and scaling web applications. Developers want
self-service and ease of use, in the cloud.  Being locked in to a closed architecture is no longer an
option. With webappVM, VMware can offer a self-service experience to
application teams using their solutions.
Users can deploy their applications on that cloud without changing their
application or middleware. Which means greater agility and cost savings to
enterprises who use the combined solution.

What are the benefits for users of being able to launch a
platform-as-a-service on vCloud Express?
Roth: PaaS solutions
leverage the cloud’s potential to make application management simpler, lighter,
and quicker.  This includes
built-in monitoring, built-in scaling, and easy onboarding, all designed with
developers in mind.  One of the
greatest benefits of webappVM’s PaaS solution, however, is that our deployment
capsule doesn’t require you to rewrite any of your code – developers don’t have
to write to a new framework or middleware. They just specify the same
components, web server, application server, etc, that they’re already used
to.  Which means easier
implementation and greater portability to get applications up and running in
vCloud Express even faster.

How will the vApp solution
help developers?
Developers are
frustrated with the time it takes to stand up environments for their
applications. Too much work is spent configuring and provisioning, and not
writing code, which delays project schedules. And even with the time
constraints, developers always want just one more test environment.
VMware sees the need for a solution that enables developers to rapidly
on-board applications.  With
webappVM, we offer the first cloud orchestration solution to have shipping
support for vCloud.  We provide the
same scaling and automation benefits of other PaaS solutions while enabling
developers to have their choice of infrastructure providers, including those
powered by vCloud Express.

How will this solution help accelerate the Java community’s
adoption and use of vCloud Express?

The hype machine
has been running at full steam for a while now as far as the cloud is
concerned.  But there are very few
options for easily taking a Java application onto the cloud and, until now,
none that let you choose your infrastructure provider and middleware.  WebappVM provides a simple, powerful,
self-serviced and self-managed approach to application deployment and
monitoring visibility necessary to trust cloud infrastructure.  We provide the automation and choice
customers have been looking for.
This partnership means developers can adopt vCloud Express and know they
are receiving the support they need in making the transition into cloud


Issac Roth is CEO and
co-Founder of webappVM (, where he is responsible for product
direction and strategy. Before founding webappVM to solve application
management problems for customers moving to cloud and virtualization
infrastructures, Roth spent five years at Wily Technology, helping to grow the
APM leader from a few handfuls of customers through the $375 million
acquisition by CA, Inc.


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