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VMware vCloud Express and Developers, Developers, Developers!

VMware today
announced a lot of good news for developers and ISV partners for our vCloud API
( And there’s a
lot more to come. Watch this space.

Our support for
developers on vCloud is what this announcement is all about. We’re not just
talking, we’re doing. We’re making it easier for developers to adopt our vCloud
API to move their applications to the cloud much faster. Working with the open
source community and other partners, we made available software development
kits (SDKs) for the vCloud API for Java and Python developers. Key open source
client libraries and tools for the vCloud API are now available from Dasein,
jclouds and libcloud.

The libraries,
along with the vCloud API, are standardizing and simplifying the integration
path for ISVs to public clouds. For example, two of our ISV partners, Cloudera
( and webappVM
(, have used these libraries to enable their commercial
solutions for vCloud Express.

Cloudera and webappVM

Cloudera CEO Mike
Olson talks about what this means for developers in the Apache Hadoop community
on our blog here (
webappVM CEO Isaac Roth covers the benefits of their integration of jclouds for
their platform-as-a-service vApp solution for vCloud Express here (

If you’re a
developer or an ISV considering the public cloud, today’s news is the latest
demonstration of the benefits of integrating the vCloud API into your solutions.
Maybe you should be checking it out, too! For more information on
the vCloud API and resources for developers and ISVs,
go to
To find your favorite vCloud service provider partner, go to

For more information

To stay current on all of
the latest vCloud Express news, follow us on Twitter at @vCloud or become a fan
of our Facebook Page at


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