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Cloudera Supports VMware vCloud Express for Apache Hadoop

Cloudera launched as a company with senior executives
from Oracle, Facebook, Google and Yahoo! in early 2009 promising to provide
enterprise-class support and services for Apache Hadoop, an open-source
software project. In late 2009 the original creator of Hadoop, Doug Cutting,
joined Cloudera. We recently caught up with Cloudera CEO Mike Olson to learn a
bit more about his company’s participation in the VMware vCloud partner
announcement today (

What is Cloudera?

Cloudera is commercializing the open-source Apache Hadoop project. We offer
support, services and products that complement the open source core for
enterprise users. Hadoop is
a powerful technology used
to store and process large amounts of data. Cloudera helps traditional
enterprises tap into the power of Hadoop.

What's the significance of putting the Cloudera
Distribution for Hadoop on vCloud Express?

Olson: The Cloudera Data
Platform enables users to analyze both structured and complex data using a
radically lower cost storage architecture and a massively scalable processing
model. It’s a novel approach that many organizations are applying to discover
new insights into their business by looking at data that would have been
difficult or cost-prohibitive to mine before Cloudera. vCloud Express and the
vCloud API is a fantastic opportunity to dynamically provision resources,
process the job and de-provision resources with little or no capital cost.

Like many compelling
enterprise software offerings, the Cloudera Data Platform can be deployed to
cloud instances as easily as it is deployed to internal servers. However,
Cloudera is excited and pleased to offer developers confidence that should they
elect to run the Cloudera Data Platform with their vCloud Express provider of
choice, it will be as compatible across a broad ecosystem of providers as it is
within their internal datacenter.

How does it work?

Olson: CDH is a natural
workload for cloud infrastructures. Designed from the ground up to span from
server to cluster to datacenter, the CDH is “at home” in cloud infrastructures
as it can be deployed elastically over a dynamic number of nodes. The
combination of VMware vCloud API and the virtualization platform allows
straightforward deployment to both internal and/or external clouds without requiring
software modifications.

How does running the Cloudera Distribution for Hadoop
on vCloud Express make developers' lives easier?

Olson: First, it makes
deployment simple and cuts down on installation and configuration efforts. The
Cloudera team invested time and energy to make deploying Hadoop on the VMware
platform streamlined and straightforward. Cloudera added API-level integrations
into the Cloudera Distribution for Hadoop (CDH) and then shared the relevant
additions with the Apache Open Source community. We believe users of Hadoop
will appreciate the support we have added for deployment of Hadoop through
vCloud Express.



 Mike Olson, CEO of
Cloudera (, was formerly CEO of Sleepycat Software, makers of
Berkeley DB, the open-source embedded database engine. Mike spent two years at
Oracle Corporation as Vice President for Embedded Technologies after Oracle's
acquisition of Sleepycat in 2006. Prior to joining Sleepycat, Mike held
technical and business roles at database vendors Britton Lee, Illustra
Information Technologies and Informix Software. Mike has Bachelor's and
Master's degrees in Computer Science from the University of California at


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