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VMware #CloudOps Friday Reading Topic – It’s Time for Change

As more organizations leverage software-defined datacenter technology to increase resource utilization and automate IT processes, what does this mean for how IT can organize itself to optimize results?

There are a variety of ways IT can transform itself to increase agility, reduce costs, and improve quality of service.

Cloud Computing: 4 Ways To Overcome IT Resistance (Kyle Falkenhagen, ReadWrite)
Enterprise cloud adoption is a transformative shift – these organizational change strategies can help IT departments fight fear as they move to cloud computing.

Secrets of a DevOps Ninja: Four Techniques to Overcome Deployment Roadblocks (Jonathan Thorpe, Serena Software)
Process consistency and automation help development and operations work closely together to get software that delivers value to customers faster.

On IT’s Influence on Technology Buying Decisions. Role #1: Get Out of the way (Ben Kepes, Diversity Limited)
IT needs to help set parameters, then get out of the way and let the business and users drive the process.

The Orchestrated Cloud (Venyu)
The Software Defined Admin – orchestrates provisioning, scaling, incident response and disaster recovery.

When all resources in the datacenter can be manipulated via API (Software-defined data center), the traditional role of the IT admin and how admins are grouped in the IT organization will change.

This means that IT has a great opportunity to reinvent itself as a strategic business enabler. The question is whether you’re ready to rise to the occasion.

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For Busy People Who Do Things

By: Kurt Milne

This blog is for busy people who do things. It offers applied insights and lessons learned for IT infrastructure and operations professions responsible for building, managing and optimizing IT Operations in the cloud era.

And, it is for people who make decisions about how to do things. It offers insights and frameworks to guide decisions that impact strategy and execution in a software-defined data center.

VMware is investing in CloudOps – a new operating model for highly automated infrastructure, which we often refer to as the Software Defined Data Center. We understand that change in technology is driving the evolution of the people, process, organization, governance and business management of IT operations, as surely as automobiles created a need for driver training and traffic laws.

And we are committed to helping our customers discover, refine and validate best practices that optimize results, as we deploy powerful new technology capabilities.

CloudOps is a term that represents a new way of managing IT. Not everything new is cloud. And not everything cloud is new. But the term CloudOps is intended to stand for an updated set of operating practices and principles that apply in this post -silo era.

We assume change will be uneven. Many of the IT best practices currently in place will hold and apply as more dynamic service delivery models take hold. But some practices will need more than tweaks and require significant transformation to fit the capabilities and constraints in an abstracted, pooled, and automated environment. Some existing practices will no longer be needed. And other new practices will be born of necessity.

It is an amazing time to be an IT professional. Join us on this exciting journey to discover how to optimize results in the software-defined datacenter, and be sure to follow these hashtags on Twitter to join the conversation: #cloudops, #sddc.