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VMware #CloudOps Friday Reading List – Standardization in the Cloud Era

I’ve been reviewing submissions for the Ops Transformation track at VMworld 2013.  It is a fascinating look at what a bunch of really smart people think is important in the cloud era.  Based on review of proposed panel discussions and breakout sessions, there seems to be some consensus that standardization is a key dependency for successfully deploying an automated and scalable service strategy.

The quantity and variety of topics suggests there isn’t yet consensus on how the concept of standardization should be applied. But some of the submitted topics suggest that standardization of service definitions and infrastructure configurations is what makes innovation possible at the business process level – where it counts.

Related reading topics:

Monitoring Strategies in the Cloud by Michael Kavis
Michael Kavis takes a look at best practices when dealing with cloud, including standardizing as much as possible in cloud based systems so that a high level of automation can be put in place.

What Goes Around Comes Around Part 2: Is Standardization Still a Valid Strategy? By Theo Priestley
Standardizing business processes reduces innovation. Note – VMware paper submissions suggest that standardizing IT services and infrastructure enable greater business process innovation.

Resilience Engineering Part 1 and Part 2 By John Allspaw
Great insights on how resiliency, automation, and standardization are all tightly linked.

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VMware #CloudOps Friday Reading Topic – Service Definition Process

Increasingly, we see the service definition process as a key dependency in the success of a hybrid cloud or SDDC strategy. Standardization of service offerings (and thus configurations, as well as management and maintenance processes) is key to simultaneously achieving agility and efficiency benefits.

Here are some interesting Friday reads related to standardization and the service definition process.

Putting The Service Back In “as-a-Service” by CloudTweaks
Pete Chadwick offers advice on how to uilize a service-oriented approach to ensure the business can easily access and rapidly deploy what it needs.

Preventing Epidemics in Cloud Architectures by Gordon Haff
Gordon digs into a recent presentation by Netflix’s ubiquitous Adrian Cockroft. Understand the tension between the benefits of standardized services, and the inherent weakness of a homogenous environment.

ITSM Goodness: How To Up Your IT Service Management Game In 7 Steps by Barclay Rae
To achieve ITSMGoodness – start by listening to customers, and structure services based on business outcomes. Services trump SLAs.  Good perspective from visionary Barclay Rae!

Service Initiation: Understanding the People and Process Behind the Portal by David Crane and Kurt Milne
In VMware’s CloudOps operating model, Service Definition is one part of the multi-part service initiation process.  Listen to this webcast to understand how these four processes fit together.

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