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VMworld Recap: Hear From the CloudOps Experts, Part 2

As we discussed in Part 1 of our VMworld 2013 recap, cloud technology is empowering organizations to re-think IT – an opportunity underlined in our September #CloudOpsChat, which explored how automation lets IT operations service clients efficiently while focusing on meeting business objectives.

In the second and concluding post in this series, we further explore those possibilities – Hear from CloudOps experts Ed Newman, Kevin Lees with Khalid Hakim, Valentin Hamburger with Bjoern Brundert, Jeff Ton, and Paul Chapman as they discuss their VMworld operations transformation sessions and share their thoughts on the future of CloudOps:

Ed Newman:

Kevin Lees and Khalid Hakim:

Valentin Hamburger and Bjoern Brundert:

Jeff Ton:

Paul Chapman:

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