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VMware’s Call to IT Professionals: Be Brave

At VMworld last week, VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger laid it out: IT is no place for the timid. In a world where business has become not only lightning fast, but also increasingly fluid, he said, “…the biggest risk is perpetuating the status quo.” Success depends on willingness to move fast, be decisive, and take calculated risks.

No matter where you are on your IT transformation journey, learning from others who have taken those risks and moved their organizations forward can help you take the next step. VMworld attendees had plenty of opportunities to do just that, with companies like Medtronic and Boeing sharing their stories of operational transformation. In addition, VMware consultants and experts dug into practical application around SDDC and more.

Medtronic: Taking Risks to Improve Health
Medtronic SessionAs the world’s largest healthcare technology company, Medtronic provides some of the most critical types of technology solutions: those that alleviate pain, restore health, and extend life. Steve Arsenault, Medtronic Vice President of Global Application and Infrastructure Services, subscribes fully to risk taking as a requirement for IT. He told the keynote audience that even more important than taking risks, “…you have to be able to articulate those risks to your business stakeholders in a way that they understand.”

Later in the day, Medtronic IT’s Adrian Woodward and John Bistodeau shared how Medtronic is leveraging the VMware vCloud Automation Center and the vCloud Suite to jumpstart IT transformation and ultimately lead them to delivering both infrastructure and platforms as a service.

There was also an air of realism in their IT journey, as they had to be bold within the confines of the all-too-familiar flat IT budgets. Remarkably, they were able to reduce a 27-step process to four steps, and from 10 days to a single day turnaround time. The results speak for themselves, and it’s safe to say that VMware is helping Medtronic IT live up to its internal marketing slogan “Medtronic runs on IT.”

Boeing: Virtual Technology, Real Results
Operating within a company that has innovation in its DNA, Senior IT Director Enes Yildirim introduced ways that Boeing IT has shown tangible business results through its move to IT as a service. The aerospace giant’s cloud strategy includes program goals around performance, cost, operational maturity, differentiation, and strategy. Within that framework, the organization follows guiding principles that lay a foundation for a culture of innovation in IT:

  • Bank on Success
  • Leverage the Good
  • Self-Fund Innovation
  • Partner for Success
  • Don’t Accept the Status Quo!

By fostering innovation and adopting the cloud strategy, Boeing IT has significantly reduced cost per virtual machine, while increasing capacity to serve the business.

vCenter Operations Manager: People and Process Considerations
One of the most popular sessions in the Operations Transformation track at VMworld was Rich Benoit, VMware operations architect, presenting Maximizing the Out-of-the-Box Functionality of vCenter Operations Manager: People and Process Considerations. Rich cautioned the group against the “technology-only” approach. Instead, he encouraged getting in front of change by identifying roles and processes that will be impacted even before initiating a project. This way, as the silos break down and collaboration begins, people can focus on moving forward. In an implementation as broad as vCenter Operations Manager, Rich detailed the new organizational requirements and how to ensure the top 20 dashboards in the tool are used and the data shared to show business value. Stay tuned for a future blog and deeper dive by Rich.

Medtronic and Boeing have embraced the calculated risk taking required to make operational changes. With the right technology tools and an open approach to people and process changes, it’s a little easier to take Pat’s advice and be brave in the face of IT challenges.

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Operations Transformation at VMworld: What’s in it for you?

VMworldVerticalGIF_07.14.14 (1)

Your CIO expects great things, and you deliver by understanding and implementing great technology. But now it’s time to take it up a notch – show that you understand how technology change affects the entire organization. Bring forward ideas for people, process and technology evolution. This year at VMworld, the Operations Transformation track gives you the tools and examples you need to take a holistic view of change and drive it forward for success.

You’ll be able to explain how virtual computing can be extended to increase agility, transform storage to lower costs and raise performance, virtualize the network to improve speed and efficiency, and automate IT operations so your team can redeploy resources to focus on innovation. Learn from VMware experts as well as IT leaders who have made IT transformation happen inside large enterprises, and take their successes and lessons learned back to your role.

Combining technology with a new way of operating to become more service-oriented and bring more business value is every IT organization’s ultimate goal. Sessions are filling fast, so make sure you fill up your VMworld 2014 schedule with items from the SDDC > Operations Transformation track to bring essential big-picture thinking back to your department.

Don’t Miss Out: Ops Transformation is Big at VMworld

VMworldVerticalGIF_07.14.14 (1)Have you built your schedule for VMworld yet? Don’t forget to add sessions from the Operations Transformation track, with options that include:

Moody’s IT Transformation
Learn how credit rating giant Moody’s is transforming its IT department into a service brokerage, starting with implementing VMware vCloud Automation Center. SVP of Infrastructure Services Rajiv Doshi presents with VMware Operations Architect Rohan Kalra to share practical guidance and insights – including steps other enterprises can take to modernize and transform IT.

California Natural Resources Agency (CNRA) – Transforming to a Cloud-Based Shared Services IT Organization
Managing the largest water delivery system in the United States requires real-time data access and swift response time. CNRA has made great strides on the journey to become a shared services provider, with incredible results, including an overall IT CAPEX reduction of 42% and OPEX reduction of 35%. IT Director Tim Garza shares the organization’s journey and experience with the full VMware suite.

McAfee Meets Business Unit Demand with Elastic Cloud
Would you love to provide increased agility to your business unit partners while also reducing costs? McAfee has the story you need to hear. Hear Sr. IT Director Meerah Rajavel detail the U.S.-based security enterprise’s transformation, and how that transformation remains focused on business achievements with virtualization, automation and monitoring technology. Find out how to get the “quick wins” that provide necessary credibility and propel the process forward.

When you visit the VMworld 2014 Schedule Builder, be sure to check out the SDDC > Operations Transformation track for these and other sessions to help you focus on all the aspects of IT transformation.