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Implementing an Operating Model for Agility

Paul WiggettVMworld 2016By Paul Wiggett

At VMworld Europe 2016 next week in Barcelona one of the topics you will be hearing a lot about is digital transformation. How must IT organisations adapt to support the changing business models required to remain competitive in a “liquid” business environment?

There is constant pressure on businesses to introduce innovative products and services rapidly into new and existing marketplaces. IT departments need to enable this by improving their strategy and becoming more tightly aligned with the business than ever before. The core focus needs to shift from keeping the lights on to delivering agility, efficiency, and core business value. One of the primary ways this can be achieved is by embracing a cloud-based services delivery model enabled by a flexible SDDC infrastructure platform.

Cloud-based service delivery introduces significant challenges for traditional IT operating models. For example, traditional IT Service Management (ITSM) operating models have generally focused on delivering services through a centralised set of responsibilities driven by heavy governance to decrease the rate of change and therefore risk. In addition, traditional ITSM services are often highly customized for IT’s line of business customers.

In contrast a cloud-based Service-Driven Operating Model focuses on cross-functional integration, extensive automation, proactive IT operations, and standardized services while applying the appropriate level of governance to control risk but not at the cost of agility and responsiveness.

Now as you can imagine this is not something that can be done overnight and requires a well-defined and achievable transformation roadmap. This transformation can take a time to implement successfully depending on many organisational factors such as maturity, size and the appetite for change.

VMware’s operations transformation services teams are partnering with organisations just like yours on a day to day basis to put the building blocks in place to help them in their transformation journey and make their strategic vision a reality.

If you are interested in our approach to this as well as some of the challenges and lessons we’ve learned in one of our major transformation projects, plan to attend the session SDDC7886 – Implementing an Operating Model for Agility: A Customer Success Story next Thursday the 20th October 2016 at 9AM presented by Kevin Lees (Principal Architect for VMware’s global Operations Transformation practice) and myself, Paul Wiggett.


Paul Wiggett is a Technical Operations Architect for Operations Transformation Services EMEA and is based in the U.K.

VMworld 2016 Barcelona: Breakout Sessions You Shouldn’t Miss


Download a handy guide.

Learn from the Experienced VMware Advisory and Operations Transformation Teams at VMworld 2016 Barcelona

VMworld 2016 Barcelona kicks off in less than two weeks on October 17th.  Our Operations Transformation Services and Advisory Services teams will be there to extend their expertise to help customers get the most out of their investments in VMware technology.

View the abstracts for these breakout sessions and add them to your VMworld Barcelona agenda using the links below.  We look forward to seeing you there!

Day Date Time Session Title
Mon 17-Oct 1:00 PM SDDC7609-QT How to Respond to the “Bring Your Own Data Center” Trend
Mon 17-Oct 2:00 PM SDDC7876-QT Service Automation Roadmap:  Approach and Samples
Tue 18-Oct 11:00 AM SDDC7616 Strategizing Cloud Business Management Using vRealize Business
Tues 18-Oct 11:00 AM DEVOP9093 Unpanel: How I Survived the DevOps Transition
Tue 18-Oct 12:30 PM SDDC7692 Tips for Realizing the Full Value of Your SDDC Transformation
Tue 18-Oct 3:30 PM SDDC8824 Thales UK – How Defining a Service Led to Automation Success
Wed 19-Oct 12:30 PM DEVOP8924 Building an Actionable Strategy Around DevOps and Platform as a Service (PaaS)
Wed 19-Oct 2:00 PM DEVOP7788 Industry Perspective: Enterprise Reality of Doing DevOps
Thur 20-Oct 9:00 AM SDDC7886 Implementing an Operating Model for Agility
Thur 20-Oct 12:00 PM SDDC8357 If They Come – Are You Ready?
Thur 20-Oct 1:30 PM SDDC9971 Experience the Business Impact of IT Innovation & Transformation in this Live Interactive Simulation