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VMworld Recap: Hear From the CloudOps Experts, Part 1

As cloud technology advances, IT organizations are working hard to keep up: We covered the changing role of the IT Admin during our May #CloudOpsChat, and Kevin Lees previously discussed the culture shift required for IT Transformation.

At VMworld, the Operations Transformation track offered some great opportunities to hear more about how IT can successfully make the change – transitioning from practices rooted in the client-server era, to those optimized for virtualized resource pools, more automation, and new application architectures common in the cloud era.

We caught up with many of our CloudOps experts on-site at VMworld to ask them about their sessions and what they think the future holds for IT operations in the cloud era.

For Part 1 of this blog series, we’ll hear from experts Venkat Gopalakrishnan, Kurt Milne, Ed Hoppitt with Phil Richards, David Crane, and Rich Bourdeau with Rich Pleasants:

Venkat Gopalakrishnan:

Kurt Milne:

Ed Hoppitt and Phil Richards:

David Crane:

Rich Bourdeau and Rich Pleasants:

Stay tuned for Part 2 and more insights on cloud operations from the CloudOps experts at VMworld.

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