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CloudOps at VMworld – Operations Transformation Track

VMworld, taking place August 25th through August 29th in San Francisco, is the virtualization and cloud computing event of the year.

The Operations Transformation track offers 21 sessions designed to share real-world lessons learned about the changing IT Operations landscape in the Cloud era. Self-service provisioning, automation, tenant operations, hybrid cloud and SDDC architectures are all optimized when operations change.

You can find out how to get the most out of the latest VMware technology by attending sessions focused on these operations transformation topics. Some of the sessions include:

OPT5414 – Automating, Optimizing and Measuring Service Provisioning in a Hybrid Cloud

David Crane, Cloud Operations Consulting Architect, on service provisioning and how automated provisioning can help reduce costs, improve flexibility and agility, speed time to market and improve ROI of cloud deployments.

For more on this topic, check out our Friday Reading List on Orchestration and Automation.

OPT5705 – Balancing Agility with Service Standardization: Easy to Say But Hard To Do

A panel of seasoned IT experts, including VMware’s VP IT operations discuss what does and doesn’t work with service standardization, where services can be tailored to meet unique needs, best practices for driving a common service definition process across a set of constituents.

For more on standardization, check out our Friday Reading List on Standardization in the Cloud Era.

OPT5051 – Key Lessons Learned from Deploying a Private Cloud Service Catalog

John Dixon of GreenPages Technology Solutions discusses lessons learned from a recent project deploying a private cloud service catalog for a financial services firm.

John Dixon was a co-host in our last #CloudOpsChat on Reaching Common Ground When Defining Services. Check out some of his insights in the recap blog.

OPT5569 – Leveraging Hybrid Cloud to Transform Enterprise IT from a Cost Center to a Revenue Driver

What if you could transform a “cost center” into a consultative center of customer innovation? Learn how you can leverage hybrid cloud to turn your “cost center” into a revenue driver with Jeffrey Ton, SVP Corporate Connectivity & CIO, Goodwill Industries of Central Indiana and John Qualls, Senior Vice President of Business Development, Bluelock.

For more on this topic, read our webinar recap blog on 5 key steps to effective IT operations in a Hybrid world.

OPT4732 – Leveraging IT Financial Transparency to Drive Transformation

Achieving financial transparency is fundamental to IT transformation. This session shows you how to leverage IT financial transparency to drive the transformation your business needs.

Read Khalid Hakim’s recent blog on Calculating Your Cloud Service Costs for more on this subject.

OPT4689 – Operations Transformation – Expanding the Value of Cloud Computing

A forcing function for change, cloud computing helps IT organizations move away from focusing only on siloed technology challenges. Phil Richards and Ed Hoppitt explain how to expand the value of cloud computing.

Ed Hoppitt is also a writer for the VMware CloudOps blog. Check out his work here.

OPT5215 – Organizing for Cloud Operations – Challenges and Lessons Learned

Addressing the organizational changes that must take place for IT to successfully operate a cloud environment and  provide hybrid-cloud services, as well as lessons learned from customers who have experienced this change.

Want to learn more? Check out Kevin Lees’ 3-part series on this topic – Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

OPT5489 – Pivot From Public Cloud to Private Cloud with vCloud and Puppet

Edward Newman and Mike Norris from EMC  explain how EMC has built a private cloud, pulled workloads back in from public cloud, and saved a bunch of money. Hard proof that private cloud is cheaper than public cloud.

OPT4963 – SDDC IT Operations Transformation: Multi-customer Lessons Learned

Technical account managers Valentin Hamburger and Bjoern Brundert of VMware share lessons learned from working with multiple customers, on how to overcome ancient, siloed IT processes and holistically enable your infrastructure to leverage an automated, policy-driven Datacenter.

OPT5697 – Symantec’s Real-World Experience with a VMware Software-Defined Data Center

Learn about the real-world experience of Symnatec’s IT organization who has deployed one of the world’s largest private clouds in a VMware-based Software-Defined Data Center.

OPT5474 – The Transformative Power and Business Case for Cloud Automation

Understand the terminology and the key success factors behind the concepts from two industry leading automation experts. Cut through the clutter and attend this session to learn from use cases that highlight the value of different types of automation, as well as proven approaches for building a business case for each.

Read this blog post by Kurt Milne for more information on task automation economics!

OPT5593 – Transforming IT to Community Cloud: A Canadian Federal Government Success Story

The story of Shared Services Canada, which scaled its private cloud to meet the needs of a community of 43 departments on a private vCloud deployment.

OPT5315 – Transform IT Into a Service Broker – Key Success Factors

The concept of an IT service broker is compelling. This session will explain key success factors in transforming IT into a service broker.

OPT5656 – VMware Customer Journey – Where are we with ITaaS and Ops Transformation in the Cloud Era

Kurt Milne Director of CloudOps at VMware, and Mike Hulme, Director of Enterprise Marketing at VMware, discuss where we are with ITaaS and Ops Transformation in the cloud era. Understand what your peers are doing that could benefit you, and learn what drives value across SMB, Commercial and Enterprise accounts on multiple continents.

Read more about how CloudOps represents a new way of managing IT in the Cloud Era.

OPT5194 – VMware Private Cloud – Operations Transformation

Venkat Gopalakrishnan, Director of IT at VMware offers operations transformation lessons learned from VMware’s own vCloud deployment. Ask the expert.  He has both VMware product and operations expertise.

We hope this guide will help you put together an unforgettable VMworld schedule!

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