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Reaching Common Ground When Defining Services – Join Us For #CloudOpsChat!

An optimized service definition process can make or break the success of hybrid clouds or Software-Defined Data Centers (SDDC). But even if you have tools and processes in place to enable automated provisioning, you still need key stakeholder agreement on the makeup of standard services and resource configurations.

  • Standardized services need to meet the needs of those who request and consume the services.  But they also need to make sense to those in IT responsible for both automation that delivers the services and ongoing support.
  • Standardization helps increase flexibility at the business process level. But rigid service definitions can also inhibit those who both consume and deliver the services.

So how can you meet the needs of multiple groups and find common ground when it comes to defining services?

Find out by joining our next #CloudOpsChat on “Reaching Common Ground When Defining Services” taking place on Thursday, May 30th at 11am PT.

The event will be co-hosted by two CloudOps pros who have helped multiple VMware customers reach common ground:

  • John Dixon, Consulting Architect at GreenPages (see John’s posts on GreenPages Journey to the Cloud blog)
  • Khalid Hakim, Cloud Operations Architect at VMware

During the chat, we will answer the tough questions:

  • What service components should be included in a standard service definition?
  • What components can be flexible for modification around the edges?
  • Are there obvious points of abstraction that help balance standardization and flexibility?
  • Are there recommended approaches to getting multiple groups of users to reach consensus?
  • Are there recommended approaches to balancing the needs of both IT and service consumers?
  • What happens if key stakeholders don’t reach consensus?

Here’s how to participate in #CloudOpsChat:

  • Follow the #CloudOpsChat hashtag (via TweetChatTweetGrid, TweetDeck, or another Twitter client) and watch the real-time stream.
  • On Thursday, May 30th at 11am, @VMwareCloudOps will pose a few questions using the #CloudOpsChat hashtag to get the conversation rolling.
  • Tag your tweets with the #CloudOpsChat hashtag. @reply other participants and react to their questions, comments, thoughts via #CloudOpsChat. Engage with each other!
  • #CloudOpsChat should last about an hour.

In the meantime, feel free to tweet at us at @VMwareCloudOps with any questions you may have. We look forward to seeing you in the stream!

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