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The Changing Role of the IT Admin – Join Us For #CloudOpsChat!

Cloud-based resources, automation, virtual everything, DevOps tool chain – are all causing change to the traditional role of admin.

In some of our recent blog posts we’ve discussed whether new technologies are good for careers in infrastructure and Ops, as well as the variety of ways IT can transform itself to optimize results.

What can IT admins do to better position themselves for the new responsibilities in the cloud era?   Find out by joining a live  twitter chat #CloudOpsChat on “The Changing Role of the IT Admin” – Thursday, April 25th at 11am PT.

The event will be co-hosted by two very knowledgeable experts on this topic:

We’ll answer questions:

  • Is increasing automation and virtualization good or bad for your career?
  • Does abstraction and better tools decrease the need for deep expertise?
  • Does a cloud admin need programming skills?
  • Do you think a cloud admin is a generalist with a little expertise about compute, storage, and networking?
  • Or is a cloud admin an expert in cloud architectures?
  • What are your thoughts on scripting vs. automation and orchestration?

…and more.

Here’s how to participate in #CloudOpsChat:

  • Follow the #CloudOpsChat hashtag (via TweetChat, TweetGrid, TweetDeck, or another Twitter client) and watch the real-time stream.
  • On Thursday, April 25th at 11am, @VMwareCloudOps will pose a few questions using the #CloudOpsChat hashtag to get the conversation rolling.
  • Tag your tweets with the #CloudOpsChat hashtag. @reply other participants and react to their questions, comments, thoughts via #CloudOpsChat. Engage with each other!
  • #CloudOpsChat should last about an hour.

In the meantime, feel free to tweet to or at us (@VMwareCloudOps) with any questions you may have. We look forward to seeing you in the stream!

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