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VMware #CloudOps Friday Reading List: Orchestration and Automation in the Cloud Era

Shift your thinking from task automation to service automation.

There are two primary automation strategies. Shift your thinking to service automation in order realize the full potential of SDDC and hybrid cloud solutions.

Automating IT Services Is Not As Hard As You Think by Edward Newman
Your 1st automated service provisioning effort should be a complete service that has big impact. Not automated provisioning of multiple VMs with manual storage and network deployment.

The Importance of Automation in Cloud Computing by James Bond
Good step by step summary of what happens during automated provisioning. Great advice to ask your cloud service provider for a detailed flow diagram or process description of what their automated workflow system is doing.

Making Change Management Your Cloud Computing and DevOps On-Ramp by Hank Marquis
Use your standard change process as automation on-ramp. This article includes a great list of specific measures that gauge maturity of your standard changes.

5 Benefits of Cloud Management by Tony Lucas
Automation can help IT organizations turn traditional hardware into a cloud platform, streamlining deployment while managing and scaling resources appropriately. Use management platform metering capabilities to better understand service costing.

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