We’re excited to announce the launch of a new KubeAcademy course—Cluster Operations. The Cluster Operations course is designed to help you learn how to bootstrap Kubernetes clusters using various community tools. Also included in the course are topics such as using authentication, applying role-based access control, and backing up and restoring Kubernetes objects and clusters.


The Lessons in the Cluster Operations Course

Cluster Operations consists of six lessons, totaling just under an hour of material. Here’s a preview of what each lesson covers.

Bootstrapping a Cluster with kubeadm
What is kubeadm? In this lesson, you’ll learn about how to use kubeadm as a tool for bootstrapping Kubernetes clusters from existing infrastructure.

Bootstrapping Using Cluster API Part 1: Concepts, Components, and Terminology
Cluster API aims to bring Kubernetes-style declarative APIs to the process of creating, configuring, and managing Kubernetes clusters. This lesson provides an introduction to Cluster API and covers its concepts, components, and terminology.

Bootstrapping Using Cluster API Part 2: Creating a Cluster on AWS with Cluster API
In part two of the lessons focused on Cluster API, KubeAcademy instructor Scott Lowe demonstrates how to bootstrap a Kubernetes cluster on AWS by using Cluster API.

Authenticating Kubernetes Clusters
How do you establish a user or tool’s identity with Kubernetes? In this lesson, we’ll look at some of the most popular ways of authenticating to a Kubernetes cluster.

Kubernetes RBAC Concepts
In this lesson, KubeAcademy instructor Tim Carr covers the basics of Kubernetes RBAC. This concepts-based lecture explains how to authorize users and services to leverage Kubernetes resources.

Backup and Restore
Having a solution for backing up and restoring objects in your Kubernetes cluster is important for resilience. In this lesson, KubeAcademy instructor John Harris explores using Velero—a popular open source tool—to do just that.

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