Back in June this year, we announced the public Beta of VMware Kubernetes Engine (VKE), which offers Kubernetes as a Service for customers who want to consume Kubernetes without installing and managing it themselves. Since the initial Beta, we made several enhancements, including a name change.  VMware Kubernetes Engine is now VMware Cloud PKS with no functional change to the service. The name change aligns and creates synergy for our two offers — VMware PKS for enterprise software and VMware Cloud PKS for cloud service.

Since the beta release, we have on-boarded numerous active users to our service and formed a vibrant VMware Cloud PKS Beta community. As a cloud service, VMware Cloud PKS provides fully managed Kubernetes clusters which is easy to use and secure by default, enabling users to run containerized applications without the cost and complexity of implementing and operating Kubernetes. It also integrates with leading AWS services and Kubernetes ecosystem tools, providing developers with a broad selection of application building blocks.

We have recently put in place a promotion program so that users who activate VMware Cloud PKS during the promotion will receive $150 to pay for the service consumption. Sign up today and explore what you can do with VMware Cloud PKS — deploying CloudBees core on VMware Cloud PKS; setting up a pipeline from Code Stream into VMware Cloud PKS; configuring Fluentbit on VMware Cloud PKS for AWS Elasticsearch; monitoring VMware Cloud PKS and application metrics with Wavefront; collecting application stats in Kubernetes via Telegraf Sidecars and Wavefront; or installing Prometheus and Grafana on VMware Cloud PKS. VMware Cloud PKS provides the complete Kubernetes tool set to take your cloud native projects to the next level.

Don’t wait, sign up for VMware Cloud PKS today and deploy your applications on Smart Clusters in VMware Cloud PKS. (Learn more about the promo program, click here.)


Some additional information to help you get started with VMware Cloud PKS: