by Susan Wu, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Cloud-Native Apps


Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia and land of Gaudi, where many of the architectural attractions are created by a single person.

VMworld Europe kicks off Monday, Nov. 5, in Barcelona with a full agenda of sessions, demos, hands-on labs, expert roundtables, you name it─you can even find out how to build your own architectural creations by using cloud-native technology. The expanded portfolio of our cloud-native products makes it so you can develop and deploy cloud-native apps on your terms, in the way you want, and this year’s VMworld helps you do just that.


Cloud-Native Apps on the Main Stage

Look out for cloud-native apps activities on the main stage at the general sessions on Tuesday and Wednesday. Our own Wendy Cartee, Sr. Director of Product Marketing of Cloud-Native Apps BU, will be on the main stage talking about PKS.


Showcase Keynote

The Cloud and Developer Keynote session — Public Clouds and Kubernetes at Scale — will bring several VMware executives, including VMware CTO Guido Appenzeller and Joseph Kinsella, VP and CTO of CloudHealth, on to the stage to describe how VMware is creating the industry’s most robust platform for managing multiple cloud environments.


Workshop: Run Kubernetes on VMware

This workshop on Monday starts with the basics of containers and Kubernetes and goes all the way to teach you how to implement them within your enterprise. Why do you need an orchestrator like Kubernetes? What are the different elements in Kubernetes and how are applications deployed with Kubernetes? The workshop will include labs and live exercises, and you’ll discover answers to these and other questions.


CNA Sessions and DevOps Talks

There will be many CNA and DevOps sessions and talks running the gamut from overviews to technical deep dives.

Just starting to explore containers and Kubernetes? Check out the following sessions:

Containers and Kubernetes 101 for Admins with Robbie Jerrom, VMWare

Put a lid on it: Securing Containers and Kubernetes on vSphere with Steve Hoenisch and Nolan Karpinski, VMware

Bring your Traditional Applications to Kubernetes with PKS with Nathan Ness and Alicja Gilderdale, VMware


Ready to dig deeper into Kubernetes? Look for the following advanced sessions:

Deep Dive: Run Kubernetes in Production with PKS with Merlin Glynn, VMware, and James Webb, T-Mobile

Deep Dive: The Value of running Kubernetes on vSphere with Frank Denneman and Michael Gasch, VMware

Architecting PKS for production: Lessons Learned with Romain Decker and Dominic Foley, VMware



If your organization has made a decision to consume Kubernetes as a service, check out these sessions on VMware Kubernetes Engine:

Intro to VMware Kubernetes Engine – Managed K8s Service on Public Cloud with Valentina Alaria and Emad Zand, VMWare

Deep Dive: VMware Kubernetes Engine – K8s as a service on Public Clouds with Alain Roy and Tom Spoonemore, VMware


Booths and Demos

Come by, say hi, and check out a demo at the CNA, DevOps, and Cloud Services demo stations at the VMware booth and at the Cloud City booth. There will be demos on a variety of topics related to our products:

  • VMware Pivotal Container Service: The PKS demos show how to run Kubernetes on VMware vSphere and GCP; automate life-cycle management of Kubernetes; and integrate with NSX, vSAN, Wavefront, and vRealize.
  • VMware Kubernetes Engine: The VKE demos show off Smart Clusters, high availability, security, and other features of this new Kubernetes as a service.
  • vSphere Integrated Containers: The demos of vSphere Integrated Containers reveal the common tooling that you can use with containers on vSphere as well as how to monitor, log, and troubleshoot containers.

In addition, there are DevOps demos that highlight infrastructure as code, integrated CI/CD pipelines, and the Harbor container registry, which is now part of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation through a donation from VMware.


VMware {code} Power Sessions

VMware {code} is also bringing focused presentations and workshops called “Power Sessions” to VMworld Europe. Held in the VMware {code} Theater in VMvillage, Power Sessions run the gamut from presentations to demos, but they’re all short, focused bytes of DevOps knowledge.

Check out talks about using CI/CD with VKE, using Jenkins X CI/CD with PKS, running applications with Helm on VKE, running stateful apps on Kubernetes featuring WebLogic, and monitoring VKE with Prometheus and Grafana, and much more. Learn about the integration between AWS and VKE, what’s new in PKS, and how to use Harbor.

To see the full schedule, browse the VMworld catalog and select VMware {code} as the session type.


Power Sessions with Partners

We have worked with our partners at TeraSky, jFrog and CloudBees to bring you a set of power sessions that explore the power of PKS in conjunction with other technologies.



VMware {code} Hackathon on Monday

The hackathon lets participants develop projects that are aligned with predetermined themes. About ten teams of ten participants each will collaborate during the hackathon, and there will be pre-hackathon training sessions aligned with the subtopics in the VMware {code} Theater. SME judges will select winners based on pre-specified criteria. This year’s themes include Blockchain, cloud-native apps, hybrid cloud, and an open theme. For more information, see the VMworld Content Catalog.


Hands-on Labs

Cloud-Native Apps BU has updated and expanded our portfolio of Hands-on Labs available at VMworld. This year’s labs include an update of the lab for PKS and a new lab for VKE.

There are two types of HOLs available at VMworld. You can either register for the expert-led workshops to try these labs with the help from our PKS and VKE experts, or attend the self-paced lab at times that work for you. Check out the PKS HOL and VKE HOL in the VMworld Content Catalog.

Both the PKS and VKE labs will be online after VMworld, too; you can go to and register for an account, and then take the lab anytime and anywhere at your convenience.


Meet the Experts

CNA will be hosting seven Meet the Expert sessions so you can find out everything you need to know about PKS, vSphere Integrated Containers, image management, VKE, and how to select the right container platform for your use case.


Keep an eye on the Cloud-Native Applications blog and our Twitter handle (@cloudnativeapps) for the latest on upcoming events.