By Simone Morellato and Rahul Srivastava, VMware

Editor’s note: On February 26th, 2019, VMware renamed VMware PKS to VMware Enterprise PKS. To learn more about the change, read here.

Enterprises today are building net new cloud-native apps atop platforms like Kubernetes and Cloud Foundry   as part of developing richer digital experiences for their customers and partners. But they are realizing they also need to modernize existing applications to be truly successful in this endeavor.

Given the complexity, cost, and risk of making changes to these existing applications, enterprises are exploring ways to modernize them with minimal disruption. A common strategy being adopted is to containerize them and deploy them as-is atop platforms like Kubernetes.

We have taken a very widely adopted application platform – Oracle WebLogic Server – to explore some of the key challenges (and remediations) associated with containerizing these applications.

Platforms like Oracle WebLogic Server are by definition stateful and by design deployed as clusters of tiers (admin/worker/proxy) of Java virtual machines spanning multiple hosts. WebLogic Server instances are bound are bound to statically defined stable network identities and statically mapped to configuration and runtime data sitting on stable persistent storage.

In our upcoming session at VMworld, you will learn how to use Kubernetes constructs such as StatefulSets and Headless Services to lift and shift these workloads onto Kubernetes. You will learn how VMware vSphere provides everything that Kubernetes needs to support this migration as well as the visibility tools needed for Day-2 operations and troubleshooting. The session takes the mystery out of complex topics, such as container networking, ordering, and storage persistence.

Attending our session will empower you to participate in highly strategic discussions taking place within your organization:

  • Should we containerize our existing stateful applications deployed on traditional middleware platforms?
  • How can we run stateful apps while maintaining persistent storage and identity in a containerized environment?
  • Can Kubernetes host these traditional workloads?

We look forward to seeing you at CNA2009BU: Run Traditional Apps on Kubernetes with PKS Highlight: Oracle WebLogic Server. Schedule this session now.