Editor’s note: On February 26th, 2019, VMware renamed VMware PKS to VMware Enterprise PKS. To learn more about the change, read here.

VMware {code} is bringing focused presentations and workshops called “Power Sessions” to VMWorld Las Vegas. Held in the VMware {code} Shop, Power Sessions will run the gamut from presentations to demos, but they’re all short, focused bytes of DevOps knowledge. We have worked with our partners at Redis Labs, Crunchy Data, Confluent, and CloudBees to bring you a set of power sessions that explore the power of VMware Pivotal Container Service (PKS) in conjunction with other technologies. While Redis Enterprise and PKS together can enable you to scale your monolithic application with ease, the Confluent Platform on PKS takes the stress out of streaming data. Schedule your Power Session now!


Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Running CI/CD with PKS [CODE5578U]

Jeff Fry, Senior Business Development Engineer, CloudBees

Is your organization’s software delivery process on the roadmap for cloud migration? Everything is moving to the cloud. Your organization’s cloud strategy will soon define your competitive advantage by determining agility, availability, business continuity and scalability for mission critical applications. Don’t leave your software delivery pipeline behind in the migration to the cloud. Attend this session to learn how to move your Jenkins continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD)  processes to the cloud using Pivotal Container Service.

Confluent Platform: Introduction and Deployment on PKS [CODE5593U]

Tim Berglund, Sr. Director of Developer Experience, Confluent

Streaming is the future of data processing. But building and operating a streaming platform at enterprise scale is no easy task. Whether you have just started to evaluate streaming solutions for your organization or have dabbled extensively with Apache Kafka and Confluent Open Source, this session is for you. Attend to hear Tim Berglund, Sr. Director of Developer Experience at Confluent, introduce the Confluent Platform and discuss container-based deployments with PKS on VMware vSphere.  

Scaling Your App’s Microservices with Redis Enterprise and PKS [CODE5573U]

Dave Nielsen, Head of Ecosystem Programs, Redis Labs

If you have ever faced scaling woes with monolithic apps you know the tradeoff you have to make. When your monolithic app starts to hockeystick you can either duct tape those parts or rewrite the entire app for scalability. What if you didn’t have to choose? What if you could gradually do both? With Redis Enterprise and PKS, you can. Attend this session to learn how Redis Enterprise and PKS together make scaling your applications easy, one microservice at a time. Dave Nielsen, Head of Ecosystem Programs at Redis Labs, will demonstrate how service discovery in PKS makes it easy to create microservices and how Redis Enterprise makes it easy to scale.

PostgreSQL-as-a-Service with Crunchy PostgreSQL for PKS [CODE5568U]

Jeff McCormick, Director of Container Technology, Crunchy Data

Do you work with PostgreSQL? Wondering how to deploy PKS-native PostgreSQL clusters on the cloud or on-prem? Attend this session to hear Jeff McCormick, Director of Container Technology at Crunchy Data, explore the architecture behind the Crunchy PostgreSQL Container Suite and the Crunchy PostgreSQL Operator for PKS. Yearning for a live demonstration? Jeff has you covered. He will demo how to build and manage your own database-as-a-service on PKS, which empowers you to deploy PostgreSQL to any infrastructure.

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